Honeywell Humidifier Settings Chart and Guide

Getting a Honeywell humidifier can be a great idea. But if you don’t know how to use the device, you might have a few problems. After all,  applying the wrong settings can your space uncomfortable. 

You can avoid such problems by working with a settings chart or guide. With these items, you can tune your humidifier without depending on trial and error.

honeywell humidifier settings

Would you like to get a guide for adjusting your Honeywell humidifier? If yes, scroll through our article and learn how to set the device properly.

Honeywell Humidifier Settings Chart and Guide

Here is a chart showing various settings for the Honeywell Humidifier. But before you follow our suggestions, we suggest that you check the manual of your device for extra tips.

                                            Inside Temperature ( Fareneheit)


Temperature (Fareneheit)

60 ° 65 ° 70° 75°
20 % 17 % 14 % 12 %
25 % 21 % 18 % 15 %
15° 39 % 33 % 28 % 23 %
20° 48 % 40 % 34 % 28 %
25° 58 % 48 % 41 % 34 %
30° 70 % 58 % 49 % 41 %
35° 84 % 70 % 59 % 50 %

According to the chart, your Honeywell humidifier’s settings are based on your space’s internal and external temperature. For instance, if you have an outer/inner temperature of 0°F and 60°F respectively, it would help if you set the humidifier to 20%. 

If you adjust the thermostat to 40%, make sure the outer temperature is 20°F while the indoor temperature is 65°F. But if you want to tune the Honeywell Humidifier knob to 50%, wait for the internal/ external temperatures to reach 75%/35%.

Honeywell Humidifier Settings for Summer

If you want to set your Honeywell humidifier in the summer, ensure it stays within 35 – 50%. When it comes down to it, this RH range keeps out disease-causing bacteria from your home or office.

Honeywell Humidity Control Instructions

Here are some instructions for setting humidity control on Honeywell humidifiers. 

  • Head to the adjustment knob on the Honeywell relative humidity control.
  • Tune the device to your preferred setting
  • Allow the system to run for a day ( at that temperature) 
  • Increase or decrease the humidity every 24 hours by 3 percent until you reach the desired setting 

What is a Good Indoor Humidity Level in the Winter?

If you are setting the Honeywell Humidifier for winter, make sure it stays at 40% and 60°. By using this setting, your space feels healthier and more comfortable. 

What is the Ideal Humidity for Sleeping?

As you sleep, ensure the humidifier stays between 30% to 60%. According to experts, this relative humidity range allows you to enjoy proper sleep. 

Is 60% Humidity Too High for a House in Winter?

Although it falls within the ideal RH range, 60% might be too high for home use, especially in the winter. After all, such RH value tends to allow the formation of ice on the windows. 

What Humidity Level Cause Mold?

If you set your RH above 40%, you might end up with a serious mold issue. But before the mold can appear, you will have to maintain that RH for extended periods. 

What is Unsafe Indoor Humidity?

According to experts, unsafe humidity is anything outside the 30% to 60% range. If the RH is lower, you will have to deal with unhealthy dry air. Moreover, if the RH stays higher than 60%, your home breed bacteria or mold. 

How Do I know if Humidifier is too High?

Would you like to know if your Honeywell humidifier is set too high? If yes, look around your space for damp curtains or fabrics. Also, check if there is condensation build-up on windows/window sills.

What Percentage of humidity is Good for Stuffy Nose?

Do you have an annoying case of a stuffy nose? If yes, then you can use your Honeywell humidifier to ease your symptoms. For the best results, set the device to 30% – 50% humidity. 

What Humidity Level is Good for Sinuses?

If you want healthy sinuses, allow the Honeywell humidifier to run at 40% – 50%. With setting, the air allows the sinuses to filter out irritants. 

Is 38% Humidifier To Low in Winter?

During the winter, 38% humidity might be a great value for the winter. But if you feel this setting is too high, choose between 30% – 35% on the Honeywell thermostat. 

What Humidity is Too Low In Winter?

As you adjust your Honeywell humidifier for winter, avoid humidity as low as 30%. When it comes down to it, this setting causes too much dry air in your space. 

Is 70% Humidity too High for the Bedroom?

Yes, 70% humidity might be too much for your comfort. Instead of choosing this setting, stick with a humidity setting of 30%-60%.

Honeywell Humidifier Manual PDF

You can get a digital copy of the Honeywell manual with an online search. To perform this task:

  • Type ” Honeywell Humidifier Manual Pdf” into the Search bar of your browser
  • Check and click among the results for your preferred option