Plasma Cutter Amps and Thickness Settings Chart

Using the plasma cutter might look difficult. But with the right settings, you can perform these and get amazing results. 

Would you like to use the plasma cutter for varying metal thicknesses? If yes, then you would need a chart that shows the ideal plasma cutter amp and thickness settings, especially at glance. 

In this post, we have offered such charts for a wide selection of thicknesses. If you are ready, let’s get started and check out the following tables.

plasma cutter settings
Plasma Cutter Amps and Thickness Settings Chart

Here are the settings that show the plasma cutter amps and suitable metal thicknesses:

Thickness of Metal for Cutting  AMPS required for Cutting
1/64 inch  20
1/32 inch 20
3/64 inch  20
1/16 inch 20
5/64 inch  20
3/32 inch  20
7/64 inch 20
1/18 inch 20
9/64 inch  20
5/32 inch 20
11/64 inch 20
3/16 inch 20
3/16 inch  20
13/64 inch 30
7/32 inch 30

If your project requires a metal of 5/32″, make sure the plasma stays at 20 amps. You can also use the same setting for other values in this table.

Thickness of Metal for Cutting AMPS Required for Cutting
15/64 inch 30
¼ inch  30
17/64 inch  30
9/32 inch 30
19/64 inch  30
5/16 inch 40
21/64 inch 40
11/32 inch  40
23/64 inch  40
⅜  inch  40
25/64 inch  50
13/32 inch  50
27/64 inch 50
7/16 inch 50

30 amps suit the first three values on this table. However, the following thicknesses work with either 40 or 50 amps.

Thickness of the Metal for Cutting AMPS Required for Cutting
29/64 inch  50
15/32 inch  50
31/64 inch  50
½ inch  50
33/64 inch 50
17/32 inch 50
35/64 inch 50
9/16 inch  50
37/64 inch 50
19/32 inch 50
39/64 inch 50
⅝ inch 50
41/64 inch 50
31/32 inch  50

If you are working with any of the above-listed values, make sure the cutter works with 50 amps. With this setting, you can expect the desired results.

Thickness of the Material ( Metal) AMPS Required for Cutting 
43/64 inch 50
11/16 inch 50
45/64 inch 50
23/32 inch  50
47/64 inch 50
¾ inch  50
49/64 inch  60
25/32 inch  60
51/64 inch  60
13/16 inch  60
53/64 inch 60
27/32 inch 60
55/64 inch 60
⅞ inch 60

If the thickness of the metal falls within the first five columns of this chart, then you should cut the metal with 50 amps. As for the remaining values, stick with 60 amps.

What is the thickest Metal on a Plasma Cutter?

According to experts, plasma cutters can cut through steel plates of up to 2 inch. However, the industrial models can handle anything up to 6 inch. 

How Thick will a 60 amp cutter cut?

A 60 amp cutter cuts through metal thickness of 49/64 inch,  25/32 inch,  51/64 inch, and 13/16 inch. It can also cut through 53/64 inch,  27/32 inch, 55/64 inch, and ⅞ inch of the same material. 

How Thick will a 20 amp cutter cut?

If you are using a 20 amp cutter, you can cut through metal thicknesses of 1/64 inch, 1/32 inch, 3/64 inch, 1/16 inch, and 5/64 inch. Furthermore, the same amperage is ideal for working on metals with thicknesses of 3/32 inch, 7/64 inch 1/18 inch, 9/64 inch, 5/32 inch, 11/64 inch, and 3/16 inch. 

What PSI Do You Run a Cutter At?

If you are using a plasma cutter, the PSI should be ideal for the metal thickness. For instance, 7/32″ metal requires a PSI of 40 while 31/32″ metal works with a 60 PSI.

Can You Cut Rusty Bolts with a Plasma Cutter?

Yes, you can use a plasma cutter to cut through rusty bolts. Asides from cutting through the metal, the plasma offers neat edges without any fuss. 

How Do You Get a Perfect Cut with a Plasma  Cutter?

Asides from getting the right amperage settings, there are other ways by which you can improve the cut made with a plasma cutter. Now here are some tips that can bring a professional to your projects.

1. Get the Ideal Work Space

Before using your plasma cutter, choose a metal or wood workspace. Besides, ensure that this platform offers the right height for your project.

2. Clamp Clean Metals

If you are working with clean metal, secure it with the ground clamp. But if your job involves rusted or painted materials, feel free to skip the clamping. 

3. Take Your Time

Being fast might seem cool. But plasma cutting, can affect the quality of your work. If you notice any sparks flying from the metal, slow down and continue with the cutting.