Ryobi Drill Torque Settings Chart and Guide

As it has longer run times and service life, the Ryobi drill comes as a decent tool for driving screws into various materials. But before you can achieve this task, it would help if you choose the right torque settings.

For some users, finding these settings might take hours of research. If you are one of such individuals, then you might be looking for a quick way to adjust the torque of your Ryobi drill.

In this post, you will find a chart that shows the right torque settings for various tasks. So if you want to adjust your Ryobi drill, scroll through the article and check out these settings. 

ryobi drill settings

Ryobi Drill Torque Settings Chart and Guide

Here is a chart and guide that will help you adjust the torque on the Ryobi drill. But if you are looking for extra advice, it would help if you checked the manual that comes with the device.

Task Ryobi Torque Setting
For driving small screws  1-4
For pushing screws into soft materials  5 -8
For pushing screws into soft or hard materials 9 – 12
For pushing screws into hardwood 13-16
For pushing large screws 17 – 23
For drilling into materials or high-torque projects Drill Bit symbol 

How Do You Adjust the Torque on the Ryobi Drill?

If you want to adjust the torque on the Ryobi drill:

  • Head to the gearbox on top of the device
  • Push the switch to the 1st setting for high torque / slow speed
  • Push the switch to the 2nd setting for higher torque/ speed
  • Turn the clutch or torque adjustment ring to the required settings ( check the table) to deliver the required torque range

What Do the Numbers on a Ryobi Drill Mean?

The numbers on the Ryobi drill are used to increase its torque. As you choose a higher number, the drill offers more power. 

What is Setting 1 and 2 on a Ryobi drill?

On drills, the 1 and 2 settings help adjust the torque. To use this setting, push the switch to 1 for low speed or 2 for higher speed. 

Ryobi Drill 1 or 2 Setting?

If you use the 1 or 2 setting on the Ryobi drill, you can adjust its torque. To adjust this setting, push the switch to 2 for quicker speeds or 1 for slower speeds.

Ryobi Drill settings for Brick 

If you want to use the Ryobi Hammer drill for masonry, fix a compatible masonry bit. But before using these settings, protect your ears with earplugs. Then as you drill the brick, place a bucket of water beside your workspace. 

  • Head to the top of the drill and choose speed 2
  • Set the drill to Hammer mode
  • Drill into the brick
  • Stop drilling and dip the pointed end of the bit into the water 
  • Continue drilling and dipping into the water until you have made the hole

Is it Better to Drill Fast or Slow?

The ideal speed for a drill depends on the about-to-be-drilled material. For instance, if you are working with hardwood or steel, choose high speeds while acrylic works better with slower speeds.

Which Drill Setting for Brick?

If your project involves thick bricks, use a faster speed with hammer action. But if you are working with thinner masonry, disable the hammer function and use a slower speed. Besides, you can use the same setting for tiles and cinder blocks

Ryobi Drill Hammer Setting

The Ryobi drill hammer setting is used to drill into blocks or bricks. On the drill, this mode is represented by a “hammer” symbol. 

How to Use a Ryobi Drill For Beginners 

Here are some quick steps for using the Ryobi Drill.

  • Connect the battery pack of the drill to its charger until full ( at least 30 mins)
  • Secure the trigger by moving the direction rotation button to the center position
  • Hold and rotate the chuck key with counterclockwise movements 
  • Install your drill bit into the drill 
  • Disconnect the battery pack from the power source
  • Attach the pack to the drill
  • Hit the direction button to adjust the direction of the rotation 
  • Head to the about – to – be drilled item
  • Hold the drill with one hand ( with the pointed end facing the surface of the material)
  • Press the trigger slightly to produce less speed
  • Increase the speed gradually by applying more pressure to the trigger
  • Push the drill into the material while pressing the trigger 

Ryobi Cordless Drill Torque

The Ryobi Cordless Drill boasts of torque of up to varying levels.  . However, the exact value of the torque depends on the model of the kit. For instance, the 18V one + 1/2″ drill/driver kit offers a torque of 515 in-lbs while the 18V one + HP brushless 1/2″ HAMMER DRILL KIT has 750 lbs.