FIOS Router Settings for Best Speed

According to its users,  FIOS routers offer some of the best deals in the market. Asides from coming at decent prices, the device boasts high-speed internet. But if you want to boost the speed, you can adjust some settings.

There are several ways by which you can perform this task. Luckily, these hacks do not require any technical skills. Now let’s get started on how you can enhance the speed on the router.

fios router settings for best speed

FIOS Router Settings for Best Speed

Here are the ideal settings for boosting speed on the FIOS router:

1. Restart the Router

A quick restart can be the easiest way to solve any internet speed issues. So if your  FIOS router speed drops, you can tune up the speed with this method.

If you want to restart the FIOS router:

  • Connect your PC or mobile device to a WiFi signal
  • Open the browser 
  • Type into the address bar
  • Allow the Login page to load
  • Sign in to the page with the required details 
  • Click Advanced at the top of the page
  • Click on Utilities- Reboot Router 
  • Wait for the router to reboot

If you want to restore the FIOS router to factory settings:

  • Head to the back of the device 
  • Look for the Reset button
  • Press and hold the button ( with a pen) for ten seconds
  • Allow the router to come on

If you are using an ASUS router with Verizon FiOS, you can use the following steps to restart the network:

  • Switch off the FiOS router
  • Press the WPS button to turn on the router
  • Press and hold the button until the Power LED flashes
  • Remove your finger from the button on the router
  • Allow the router to reboot 

2. Place the FIOS Router on the Right Spot

Asides from restarting the FiOS Router, you can also change its location to enjoy faster internet. As you use the router, ensure that it stays on a hard, elevated surface. Ideal platforms for this device include on top of tables, nightstands, and even bookshelves. 

3. Keep the Router from Interference

There are loads of devices that might mess up the speed of the FIOS router. Such items include microwave ovens, baby monitors, and Bluetooth devices. With this in mind, it would help if you kept such devices away from your FiOS router.

4. Keep Out Unwanted Guests

If devices are hacking into your network, then you might have to deal with slower speeds. But you can keep out such devices by using a strong password. 

If you want to set a Wifi Password for your router:

  • Launch the FiOS app
  • Click on Internet- My Network 
  • Click on Edit
  • Type in your new password 

5. Contact the Verizon Support Team

If all tips fail, you might have to reach out to Verizon customer service. As expected, this service offers the best ideas for boosting speeds on the FIOS network. To reach this service, go through the Contact Us option on the Verizon website. 

6. Change Your Camera Settings

Video calls or live security camera feeds can take up loads of bandwidth. As a result, you will end up with slow internet. To improve your FIOS internet speed, reduce the quality of the camera settings of the concerned devices. 

7. Upgrade Your Router

If your old FIOS router is older by five years, then you will have to get a replacement. After all, old routers offer slower speeds to their users. But as you look for a new router, go for something with positive reviews.

8. Reduce the Number of Open Apps

Opening a large number of apps (on your device) can slow down your FiOS Internet speed. Instead of keeping too many apps open, shut them down and work only with the ones that you use currently. 

Why is My Verizon Data Speed So Slow?

Here are some reasons why the Verizon data speed might be slow 

You are using an old router: Older routers tend to bottleneck your data connection. With this in mind, you might end up with slower data speeds.

Obstructions Surround Your Router: Obstructions such as walls or fish tanks can block your Wifi signals and slow down your internet speed. By placing your FIOS router close to these items, you will end up with slower internet. 

Too Many Connected Devices: By connecting excess devices to your router, you can expect less bandwidth and slower internet. Besides, hackers can also jump on your network and cause the same effect.

Older Firmware: If your Wifi router uses outdated firmware, then you can have slower WiFi. But if your router enjoys automatic updates, you might not have this problem. 

Verizon FiOs Speeds

If you use the Verizon FIOS service, you can expect download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. As for the upload speeds, you should get up to 880 Mbps. 

Verizon Customer Service

With Verizon Customer service, you can deal with any FIO router problems including slow speeds. To use this service, choose the “Contact Us” option on the Verizon website.