Best Ooze Pen Temperature Settings

For many vapers, the Ooze Pen is the preferred tool of choice. According to these individuals, this vape pen is portable, tough, and easy to use. On top of that, it has various temperature settings that can be used during sessions.

Now why should anyone bother about the temperature settings on the Ooze pen? For one, these parameters help extend the service life of the product as well as offer decent hits.

Do you use an Ooze pen? Would you like to learn more about its temperature settings? If yes, here are the best ways by which you can adjust its heat.

best ooze pen temperature settings

Best Temperature Settings for Ooze Pens

Here are the best ways by which you can control the temperature of the Ooze vape pen. But before you use our article, consult the Ooze pen manual for more advice. Now let’s get started.

With the vape pen, you have four temperature settings – Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red. When you choose any of these settings, you get a specific voltage for heating the smoked content. For the best hit, it would help if you picked a setting based on the type of consumable used.

Temperature Settings Voltage  Preferred Material 
Green 2.7 Prefilled Oil Cartridge
Blue  3.2 Prefilled Oil Cartridge ( for more smoke)
Yellow 3.7 Prefilled Oil Cartridge ( for more smoke)
Red 4.2 Wax

According to the table, the lowest temperature setting (Green/ 2.7)  is perfect for vaping oil cartridges. But if you want to get a big cloud of vapor, increase the setting to Blue or Yellow. To avoid any damage to the pen, return to the lowest setting, especially after one or two hits.

If you are using a wax attachment, choose the Red setting that offers 4.2 v. By choosing this setting, you can get enough temperature to burn the wax properly. Moreover, you will also enjoy more flavor and smoke.

What is the Highest Setting on an Ooze Pen?

Since there are different Ooze Pen models, you should expect different maximum settings. On the Ooze Slim Pen, the highest setting is 4.8 while the Ooze Slim Pen 2.0 offers a maximum setting of 4.0.

How Do I Set the Temperature on My Ooze Pen?

If you want to adjust the temperature on your Ooze Pen, you will have to use the assuage knob at the base of the pen. For this task, twist the knob until it reaches your preferred voltage/temperature setting. 

Is Low Temp Vaping Better than High Temp?

Yes, low-temperature vaping is better than vaping at higher temperatures. After all, the former option allows offers better flavors while keeping the pen from damage.

How Long Do Ooze Coils Last?

You can use Ooze coils for a maximum of 12 weeks. As soon as the time elapses, you should get a replacement from the Ooze customer service 

Can Hot Temperature Ruin a Vape?

Yes, hot temperatures can reduce the service life of a vape pen. When used with excess heat, the coils in the pen heat up and get damaged.

What Voltage Should I Set My Ooze Pen?

The ideal voltage for your Ooze Vape pen depends on the type of content. For instance, if you are vaping oils, choose the lowest voltage available. But if you want to smoke wax or concentrates, use the highest voltage to burn through them. 

Vape Pen Color Settings Red Blue Green

On the Ooze vape pen, Red, Blue, and Green signify various temperature settings. For example, Red stands for the highest temperature setting or 4.2 v while Blue is 3.2v. However Green stands for a temperature setting of 2.7 v.

How to Use Ooze Slim Pen?

Here are the quick steps for using the Ooze Slim Pen:

  • Remove the vape pen from the package.
  • Unscrew the USB charger at the bottom of the vape pen
  • Screw in your preferred cartridge
  • Switch on the Ooze pen by pressing the button five times
  • Press the button twice to turn on Preheat mode 
  • Press the button once to exit Preheat mode 
  • Twist the bottom of the Ooze Pen to adjust voltage or heat settings

How to Reset Ooze Pen?

You can reset your Ooze Pen by using the following steps:

  • Make the Ooze Pen is properly charged
  • Check if the vape pen is turned off
  • Press and hold the button ( on the vape pen) for 3 seconds 
  • Release the button to end the process 
  • Check if the pen is working properly

How Do I Know If My Vape Is Too Strong?

Signs of an extra strong vape included:

  • A heated surface
  • A burnt smell or taste

Is it Good to Vape every day?

No, you should not vape every day. By ignoring this advice, you might have to deal with lung disease and even death.