Best Puffco Plus Temperature Settings

There are many reasons why you might like the Puffco Plus vaporizer. Aside from offering a compact design and decent battery, this dab pen has various temperature settings. 

With the Puffco Plus, finding the right temperature can be easy. But if you are not sure of the one that suits your content, you might not enjoy your vaping session. 

Would you like to avoid this problem? If yes, you can learn everything you need to know about setting up the temperature on your Puffco Plus pen. To get started, just go through the article.

best puffco plus temperature settings

Best Puffco Plus Temperature Settings

In this article, we will show you everything about the Puffco Plus temperature settings. Although this article is well-researched, we suggest that you consult the official Puffco Plus website for more advice.

What Temperature Should I Use for My Puffco Plus?

The right temperature for using the Puffco Plus depends on your preferred experience. For instance, if you want to get more flavor with your vape pen, you should consider a lower temperature setting. But if you want to burn quickly through the concentrate or enjoy more vapor, consider using the highest possible setting.

Puffco Plus Color Settings 

The Puffco Plus Color Settings show the various temperatures on the vape pen. To use these settings, press the button at the front of the device.

The different colors of the vape pen  include:

  • Green represents the lowest temperature on the pen 
  • Blue offers the median temperature on the Puffco Plus 
  • White represents the peak temperature

What Color is the Lowest  Temp on Puffco?

The color of the lowest temp on the Puffco depends on the concerned model. For example, the Puffco Peak has blue as the color of the lowest temperature setting. As for the Puffco Plus, green comes as the preferred color.

Puffco Plus Voltage Settings 

The voltage settings are used to control the temperature of the Puffco Plus. If you want to cycle through these settings, click the Cloud button at the front of the vape pen.

On this device, these settings are represented by the following color codes :

  • Green offers 2.7v
  • Blue offers 3.2 v
  • White offers 3.7 v

What is the Strongest Setting on Puffco?

On most Puffco models, White is seen as the strongest setting. When used, this parameter offers the highest temperature possible.

What are the 4 Heat Settings on Puffco Peak?

The four heat settings on the Puffco Peak include 

  • White: This setting is seen as the highest setting on the Puffco Peak vaporizer. When set, you get a temperature of up to 600°F.
  • Red: If you want to reduce the heat to 550°F, pick the Red setting. By choosing this option, you can get more vapor with a decent amount of flavor. 
  • Green: The Green setting offers 500°F for a balanced mix of flavour and vapor. As expected, this setting is seen as the median temperature setting.
  • Blue: The Blue setting allows you to adjust the vaporizer to 450°F. By choosing this color code, you should have less vapor but more flavor.

What is the Lowest Temp on Puffco Peak Pro?

The lowest temperature on the Puffco Peak Pro is 492°F. To get to this setting, you will have to press the button until the Led Light of the vaporizer becomes blue.

Can You Put Water in Puffco Peak?

Yes, you can add water in the Puffco Peak vaporizer. As you fill pour in the liquid, make sure it passes the airholes.

Can You Use Dry Herb in Puffco Plus?

No, dry herbs should not be used in the Puffco Plus pen. If placed in the device, the chamber might suffer great damage.

Can I Use Oil with the Puffco Plus?

Yes, you can use oil with the Puffco Plus. For the best experience, screw your preferred oil cartridge to the vape pen.

Why is My Puffco Plus Not Hitting Hard?

If your Puffco Plus pen does not perform as expected, there is a high chance that the battery has a poor connection. To solve this issue, clean the gold pins on the battery and chamber.

What Can You Smoke in Puffco Plus?

Although the Puffco Plus is well-designed, it can be used to smoke select items. Such concentrates include budder, oil, wax, and live resin.

Can Puffco Peak Smoke Flower?

No, the Puffo Peak cannot be used to smoke flowers. Instead, it works best with crystals, resins, and dabs.

How Many Hits on the Puffco Plus?

With the Puffco Plus, you can get an average of 50 hits. However, this number of hits can be expected with a fully charged battery.

Can I Use Wax in My Puffco Plus?

Yes, cannabis wax can be smoked with the Puffco Plus. If you want to use the Puffco Plus with wax, load the concentrate into the ceramic chamber.