Kreg Jig Depth Collar Settings Chart

Making pocket holes might look difficult. But if you have the Kreg Jig in your hands, then you should be able to create holes without any fuss. However, it would help if you knew the ideal settings for making the tool ready for this task.

One of the ways that you can make a great pocket hole is by using the right depth collar settings. But if you are not sure of the right settings to use, you might abandon your project.

In this article, you can find the right depth collar settings for working with the Kreg Jig. So even if you are an amateur craftsperson, you can still use these settings to make incredible work.

kreg jig depth collar settings

Kreg Jig Depth Collar Settings

Here is a chart showing Kerry Jig’s settings for varying depth collar distances. But before using these settings, check the manual that comes with your jig.

Jig Setting  Depth Collar Distance from Shoulder of Drill Bit
½ inch  3¼ inch
⅝ inch 3⁷/¹⁶ inch
¾ inch 3⁹/¹⁶ inch
⅞ inch 3-¹¹/¹⁶ inch
1 inch 3-⁷/⁸ inch
1⅛ inch 4-³/¹⁶ inch
1¼ inch  4-¹/⁸ inch
1⅜ inch 4-⁵/¹⁶ inch
1½ inch 4-⅛ inch

If the depth collar stays at 3¼, then the Kreg jig set should stay at ½. As for a Kreg jig setting of 1½, then the depth collar stays around 4⅛.

How to Set the Depth Collar on a Kreg Jig

If you want to set the depth collar on a Kreg jig, try the following steps:

  • Slide the drill bit into the case
  • Move the stop collar to the required thickness
  • Tighten the screw on the stop collar

What Depth Do I Set My Kreg Jig for 2 × 4

As you work on 2×4 boards with the Kreg jig, set the latter to 1.5 inches. With this setting, you can make pocket holes accurately and neatly.

Where Do You Put a Collar on a Kreg Jig?

If you are adjusting the collar on the Kreg jig, the collar should stay on the step of the drill bit. Then keep it in position by screwing the stop collar.

Can You Use a Kreg Jig on a 4 x 4?

You can use a Kreg jig on a 4 x 4 board. But as you use this tool with the wood, leave a space of 1½ inches between the end of the board and the jig.

Kreg Drill Bit Collar Stuck?

With considerable use, the Kreg Drill bit collar might become stuck. If you have this issue, it would help if you removed any sawdust from the bit. But if the machine still stays stuck, then you should reach out to Kreg customer service. 

Kreg Jig Settings Chart

Thickness of Wood Length of Screw for Task Kreg Jig Settings
½ inch ¾ inch ½ inch
⅝ inch 1 inch ⅝ inch
¾ inch 1¼ inch  ¾ inch
⅞ inch 1½ inch ⅞ inch
1inch 1½ inch 1 inch
1⅛ inch 1½ inch 1⅛ inch
1¼ inch 2 inch 1¼ inch
1⅜ inch 2 inch 1⅜ inch
1½ inch 2½ inch 1½ inch

If you are working with a ¾ board, then you should use a 1¼-inch screw with a ½-inch jig setting. But if you are using the setting at ⅞ inch, then the board should be 1½ inches thick while the screw should be 2½ inches.

Kreg Jig K4 Settings

According to the K4 manual, here are the settings for using the Kreg Jig K4 for various wood and screw thickness.

Thickness of Wood Length of Screw for Task Kreg Jig Settings
½ inch ( 13 mm) ¾ inch ( 25 mm) ½ inch
⅝ inch ( 16 mm) 1 inch ( 25 mm) ⅝ inch
¾ inch ( 19 mm) 1¼ inch ( 32 mm) ¾ inch
⅞ inch ( 22 mm) 1½ inch ( 38 mm) ⅞ inch
1inch ( 25 mm) 1½ inch ( 38 mm) 1 inch
1⅛ inch ( 29 mm) 1½ inch ( 38 mm) 1⅛ inch
1¼ inch ( 32 mm) 2 inch ( 51 mm) 1¼ inch
1⅜ inch ( 35 mm) 2 inch ( 51 mm) 1⅜ inch
1½ inch (38 mm) 2½ inch ( 64 mm) 1½ inch

1¼ inch boards work better with a jig setting of 1¼ inch. But if your project requires a 1⅜ inch board, then stick with a 1¼ jig setting.

What Angle Do You Cut Pocket Hole Plugs?

If you are cutting pocket hole plugs, aim for a 15° angle. As you perform this task, use painter’s tape and jig saw. 

Can You Reuse Pocket Holes 

Yes, you can reuse pocket holes on the same board. With this in mind, you can bring down and rebuild your work with minimal effort. For the best results, do not overdrive and use the screw tips as a guide.