Makita Drill Torque Settings Chart and Guide

Since its launch, the Makita Drill has become a favorite among many people. After all, this device offers the right features for inserting screws into varying materials. But anyone can experience its real power, they will have to use the right torque settings.

Although the torque can be set with simple twists of the drill, it has to be adjusted according to the type of screw and material involved. To make the right adjustments, the torque on the drill should be adjusted with the help of a guide and chart.

Are you one of such users that would like to use a Makita drill for their projects? If yes, here is a chart that can help you set the drill properly.

makita drill torque settings

Makita Drill Torque Settings Chart and Guide

Here are a chart showing the torque settings found on the Makita drill. Even if this chart is well-researched, we suggest that you use it as a rough guide for your project. Now let’s get started.

Torque Settings Functions
1 – 5 Inserting M4 screws into hardwood
6-9 Inserting M5 screws into hardwood 
13-16 Inserting M6 screws into hardwood
5 – 8  Inserting M4 into softwood
7-10 Inserting M5 into softwood
14 -16 Inserting M6 into softwood

As you adjust the torque on the Makita drill, you will have to consider the screw size and the material of the workpiece. For example, if you are working with an M4 screw and softwood, then you should adjust the torque to values between 5 – 8. But if you are using the same screw with hardwood, choose between 1 – 5. 

What Are the 1 and 2 settings on a drill?

On the Makita drill, the 1 and 2 settings are used to adjust its speed. If you want high speed and low torque, you should choose the 2 settings. But if you prefer low speed and high torque, select the 1 setting.

What Do the Torque Numbers on a Drill Mean?

The torque numbers on a Makita drill show the various types of torque that the device can offer. Normally, lower numbers mean less torque while higher numbers mean more torque.

What are the Two Speeds on a Drill For?

The two speeds on a drill ( 1 and 2) are used to adjust the torque and speed of the drill. If your project requires low speed but high torque, then choose the 1 setting. However, the number 2 speed promises more speed and less torque. 

Should I Use the Hammer Setting on a Drill?

Yes, you can use the hammer setting on the Makita drill. For the best results, this setting is ideal for using the drill with masonry. 

What are the Different Drill Modes?

On the Makita drill, there are three types of drilling modes. These modes include hammer mode, screw mode, and drill mode.

What Happens If the Chuck is Too High?

If the chuck on your Makita drill is too high, then you might wear out the thread on the screws. As a result, these fasteners will become loose or even break into bits. 

Makita Cordless Drill Manual 

The manual for the Makita Cordless drill can be found in its package. But if you have lost this document, you can get a digital copy by using the words ” Makita Cordless Drill Manual” with your search engine. 

Does Increasing Torque Increase Speed?

No, increasing torque does not increase speed. After all, low speed offers higher torque while high speeds provide less torque.

Does increasing Torque Reduce Speed?

Yes, lowering the torque on your speed reduces its speed. When it comes down to it, the relationship between the torque and speed is inversely proportional to each other. 

Where Can I Find My Torque Specs?

If you are looking for the torque of your drill, check the manual provided by the manufacturer. But if you have lost your copy, you can download the digital version via an online search or contact the customer service center of your preferred brand. 

Should I Use the Hammer Setting on a Drill?

If your project involves bricks or blocks, then you should use the hammer setting on the Makita drill. To use this setting, simply set the speed to 2 and twist the Change lever to the hammer symbol. 

Does More Torque Mean Faster?

No, increasing the torque on your Makita drill does not increase its speed. Instead of enhancing your speed, it brings it down. So if you are looking for more speed, you will have to reduce the torque on your drill. 

Do Torque Settings Matter?

Yes, using the right or wrong torque settings can make or mar your project. If you are not sure of the best parameters to use with your Makita drill, consult the chart or seek help from the customer service center or a professional technician.