DMZ Router Settings for Best Speed

Setting the DMZ on your router can be a great idea. After all, this process can help improve the speed of your data connection. But before you can get the expected results, it would help if you tweak the settings perfectly.

Although these settings are vital, they can make your device vulnerable to cyber attacks. But if you are using the device on a trusted network, then you can adjust the router.

Would you like to learn about these settings? If yes, then you can check out this article and know more about the DMZ setting of your router. Now let’s get started. 

dmz router settings for best speed

DMZ Router Settings for Best Speed

Here are some DMZ settings for improving the internet speed on various routers. Now let’s get started.

DMZ Router Settings for Verizon FIOS Router 

If you are using a Verizon FIOS router, you can use the following settings to open the DMZ.

  • Login to 
  • Check the label of the router for the username and password 
  • Type in the user name and password to the provided field
  • Click on Firewall Settings
  • Click on DMZ Host
  • Type in the IP address on DMZ Host IP Address 

DMZ Router Settings for Verizon FIOS Router

If you are using the Xfinity Gateway, you can use the following steps to enable DMZ:

  • Enter into the address bar of your browser
  • Type admin into the user name field
  • Type password into the Password field
  • Click on Gateway
  • Click on Advanced 
  • Click on DMZ
  • Click on Enable
  • Type in your preferred IP address for IPV4 and IPV6
  • Click on  Save

DMZ Router Settings for TPlink Router

Would you like to enable DMZ on your TP-Link router? If yes, you will have to adjust the static IP on your computer before enabling DMZ.

To adjust the static IP:

  • Go to the Control Panel of your PC
  • Go to Network and Internet – Network and Sharing Center
  • Choose Change Adapter Settings
  • Place the cursor and right-click on  Local Area Connection
  • Select  Properties
  • Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 ( TCP/IP) – Properties
  • Select the  Use the following IP Address tab and fill in the required IP information
  • Select Use the Following Server DNS Addresses and fill in the required DNS information
  • Save the settings

To enable DMZ:

  • Open the browser on the connected PC
  • Log on
  • Type”admin” into the user name field
  • Type “admin” into the password
  • Choose Forwarding – DMZ
  • Select Enable
  • Scroll to the DMZ Host IP Address field and type
  • Select Save

PS5 DMZ Settings

Asides from your PC, you can also use your gaming console in DMZ. Now here are the general steps for using DMZ with the PS5.

  1. Find the MAC address of the PS4 by going to Settings- Network- View Connection Status. As you find the MAC address, make sure the console does not contain a disc.
  2. Log in to the IP address of your router via your browser 
  3. Enter the Admin/Password listed on the router label
  4. Scroll to  Security/ Advanced – DMZ settings
  5. Type the MAC address obtained in Step A into the DMZ
  6. Save the settings
  7. Test your internet connection 

Should I enable DMZ on my router?

Yes, you can enable DMZ on your router. However, this option tends to expose the router to security risks. For this reason, it is advised that you enable DMZ cautiously.

What are DMZ Settings on My Router?

The DMZ settings on your router push all incoming traffic to a selected IP address on your local network. As you set up the DMZ, the router loses its firewall protection.

What are the Disadvantages of DMZ?

Although setting up DMZ on your router helps with internet speed, it allows some users to have access to restricted files.

Is DMZ Good for Gaming?

Yes, opening the DMZ on your router can be great for gaming. After all, turning up this feature helps ease the traffic on most consoles. 

Is DMZ Better than UPnP?

No, UPnP serves as a better option than enabling DMZ. When it comes down to it, the former chooses the ports to be open without any assistance from the operator.

Enable or Disable DMZ for Gaming

You can enable DMZ for gaming. But you should use this technique with care as it removes any firewall that your router might offer. To reduce the risks, make sure the connected PC has its firewall and the latest security patches. 

DMZ Router Reddit

On the DMZ router Reddit, you can learn all you need to know about opening DMZ. If you want to join the forum, just search ” DMZ Router Reddit” on your search engine and click on the results.

DMZ Host IP Address TP-Link

If you are setting the DMZ for the TP-link router, you should choose the IP address  To use this address, input it into the DMZ Host address field.