Blink Sensitivity Settings for Best Detection

Setting up a Blink camera might be as simple as slapping it on the wall and installing the app. However, the results can be anything from false alarms to not making any sound at all.

Luckily, you can avoid these problems by using the right sensitivity settings. After all, they can help make the camera work as intended. But if you are not sure of the ideal parameters to use, go through this article and learn how to tune the Blink camera.

blink sensitivity settings

Blink Sensitivity Settings for Best Detection 

Here is everything you need to know about adjusting the sensitivity settings for Blink cameras. Besides we have also added some extra tips about these items. But before using this guide, we suggest that you consult the Blink website for additional advice.

Best Blink Sensitivity Settings 

If you want to get the best sensitivity from your Blink camera, choose a setting between 5 – 6. With this setting, you can use the device without bothering about false alarms or excessive alerts.

What is the Best Setting for Blink Camera? 

As you adjust the Blink Camera for motion detection, use the following settings:

  • Open the Blink App 
  • Hit the Settings ( Gear Icon) on the top end of the screen
  • Set the Trigger time to a minimum of 16 seconds
  • Set the Sensitivity between 5 and 7
  • Press Save to finish the settings

How Do I Make My Blink Camera More Sensitive?

You can improve the sensitivity of your camera by moving closer to the Highest Sensitivity setting. To perform this task:

  • Open the Blink app on your connected mobile device 
  • Tap the Gear icon on your preferred camera screen
  • Head to the Sensitivity tab
  • Move the slider closer to the H icon
  • Press the Save button to complete the process

Should Blink Sensitivity Be Low Or High?

If you set up your Blink Sensitivity, make sure it stays between Low and High ( 6 – 7). When it comes down to it, this range ensures that the camera notices every activity without offering false alarms.

What is the Detection Range of the Blink Camera?

The Blink Camera can pick out activities from up to 20 feet. But before it reaches the range, you should have the right camera placement, object temperature, amount of motion, and even app settings.

Why is the Blink Camera not Picking Up Motion?

If your Blink Camera is having issues with detecting movements, then you can blame any of the following causes:

  1. The Motion Detection Setting is Off 

If the Motion Detection setting of the camera is off, it will not pick out any movement within its field of view. As a result, you will miss out on any activities that might occur.

  1. Wrong Device Settings

By activating DND ( Do Not Disturb) on your mobile device, you might think that the connected Blink camera is not working. After all, DND ensures stops any motion detection notifications from reaching your phone.

  1. Your System is Unarmed 

Before your Blink Camera can pick a movement, you will have to activate the Armed feature. By turning on this option, your camera will send motion-detection messages to your device.

How Do I Get My Blink Camera To Show in Color?

If the Blink camera shows does not show colors, then you might have activated the Night Vision mode. However, you can get colored videos by disabling the feature.

What is the Armed Setting on  Blink Camera?

After activating the Armed Setting on the Blink Camera, the device sends notification messages for any detected movement. If you want to use this feature, you will have to go through the Blink app.

How Can I Improve My Blink Motion Detection?

You can enhance the motion detection of your camera by increasing the sensitivity settings and placing it at a different location. Moreover, you should consider increasing the Retrigger time.

Blink Sensitivity 1

This is the lowest sensitivity setting of the Blink Camera. If you choose this setting, it reduces the chances of the device picking any motion. 

Blink Sensitivity 3

Blink Sensitivity 3 is one of the lower settings on the Sensitivity slide. By choosing this option, the camera will have issues detecting any possible movement within its environment. 

Can Blink Camera Detect Noise?

Yes, Blink Cameras can also detect noise. So if something or someone makes a noise within range, then the Blink camera will send a notification to your device.

Does Blink Record all Motion?

No, Blink cameras do not record activities continuously like regular models. Instead, it only captures videos after detecting motion within its field of view.

Can Blink See at  Night?

Yes, your Blink Camera can capture images in the dark. But before it can perform this task, you will have to enable the Night Vision mode.