Traeger P Settings Chart & Guide

If your Traeger grill has a P setting, you can adjust its internal temperature under extreme temperatures. But before you can enjoy its benefits, it would help if you knew how to use this feature. 

Using these settings might be difficult. But before you can get the desired results, it would help if you used a guide. Luckily, this article has a guide and chart for adjusting the P setting on the device. If you are ready, let’s get started and learn how to use the P setting feature.

traeger p settings chart

Traeger P Settings Chart & Guide

Here is a chart showing the ideal P settings for using the Traeger grill 

Setting Auger Running Time Auger Pause Time
P – 0 15 seconds auger on Pause 45 seconds ( with auger on)
P – 1 15 seconds auger on Pause 55 seconds
P – 2 15 seconds auger on Pause 65 seconds 
P – 3 15 seconds auger on Pause 75 seconds
P – 4 15 seconds auger on Pause 85 seconds
P – 5 15 seconds auger on Pause 95 seconds
P – 6 15 seconds auger on Pause 105 seconds
P – 7 15 seconds auger on Pause 115 seconds 
P – 8 15 seconds auger on Pause 125 seconds 
P – 9 15 seconds auger on Pause 135 seconds

As you use these settings, try to use between P-0 to P – 4. After all, Traeger suggests that these settings as it suits grilling under extreme temperatures. 

What is the P Setting on a Pellet Grill?

The P Setting on the pellet grill allows you to pause the auger especially before placing pellets into the burn pot. 

How to Get More Smoke From Your Traeger Grill 

If you want to get a smoky flavor from your meat, it would help if you added more smoke to the grill. To get the desired flavor, try the following settings :

1. Install a Smoker Tube

If you want to build more smoke with your Traeger grill, you should get a smoker tube. When it comes down to it, this item produces more smoke by holding the pellets together. But as you use the device, keep the meat from drying out leaving a water pan in the smoker chamber.

2. Reduce the Speed of Your Pellet Grill

To get more smoke from the Traeger grill, you will have to lower its temperature. With this setting, the grill cooks slowly and builds more smoke. 

If you want to reduce the setting on your pellet grill, reduce the temperature by 50°F. But as you cook the meat, make it moist by placing a water pan in the smoke chamber. 

3. Get New Pellets

Changing the pellets in the Traeger grill can make it produce more smoke. But instead of using any pellets, stick with the ones made from hickory or oak. 

What is the Best Temperature to Smoke on a Traeger?

If you want to use the best temperature on the Traeger grill, choose between 165 – 275 °F.  Within this range, you can safely cook the meat and still enjoy a smoky flavor.

Should You Soak Your Pellets Before Smoking?

Before using the Traeger grill, there is no need to soak the pellets before smoking. After all, wet pellets can damage your grill by clogging the auger. 

Traeger Temperature Settings

On the Traeger grill, you can use the P setting to increase or reduce the temperature. If you lower the P setting, you will get a higher temperature but if you increase the P setting the grill becomes cooler. You can access the P setting by inserting a pin into the hole at the front of the device.