Best Settings for Blink Outdoor Camera

According to its users, the Blink Outdoor camera is an ideal way to watch your home or office. Asides from its easy-to-use features, the device offers premium quality and sound. On top of that, it can be installed by almost anyone.

Before you can get the best from the Blink camera, it would help if you played around with its settings. But if you are not sure of the options to choose, setting the camera can be a nightmare.

Luckily, you can avoid these problems by using a guide. If you can’t find one, scroll through our article and learn how you can get the best results from the Blink camera. 

best settings for blink outdoor camera
Best Settings for Blink Outdoor Camera

Here are some of the ideal settings for the Blink Outdoor camera. But before using our settings, check the owner’s manual of the device for advice. Now here are the settings for using the Blink Outdoor camera. 

1. Change the Default Name

Before using the Blink Outdoor camera, try to change the name of the camera to a name that suits its location. For instance, if the camera is on the front porch you can rename it as “Front Porch camera”. By using these names, you can quickly identify the location of every Blink camera in your home.

To change the name of the camera:

  • Open the Blink app
  • Head to the top of the screen and tap the name of the camera
  • Type in the new name
  • Press OK to Save

2. Change the Motion Detection Sensitivity Settings

The Motion Detection Sensitivity setting determines the movements that can trigger the camera. If the sensitivity setting is too high, the camera tends to record videos unexpectedly. To avoid this issue,  ensure the Motion Detector slider stays in the middle of the scale.

To adjust the Motion Detection Sensitivity Settings:

  • Open the Blink Camera App
  • Open “Camera Setfings
  • Scroll to the “Clip Length” option
  • Move the “Clip Length” slider to your preferred length

3. Adjust the Video Quality

Since you want to use the Blink App, it would help if you set the video quality to Best. Although this setting might drain your battery, it promises To achieve this goal, try the following steps:

  • Open the Blink Camera App
  • Go to Camera settings – Best

4. Adjust Night Vision

Does your Blink outdoor Camera have IR features? If yes, then it can be installed in areas with little or no light. For optimum video in such conditions, you will have to tune the night vision settings to Auto 

  • Open the Blink Camera app
  • Tap the Camera Settings – Night Vison- Auto

5. Adjust the Activity Zones

As you use the Blink Camera, you might have false alarms. Most times, these alarms might come from moving objects within the recorded environment. If you want to exclude such items, tune the Activity Zone settings. 

  • Open the Blink Camera app
  • Go to Settings- Activity Zones
  • Tap the Update photo button 
  • Choose Basic or Advanced 
  • Use your finger to choose the areas for motion detection
  • Hit the Done button 

Can You Adjust the Sensitivity on the Blink Outdoor Camera?

Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity of the Blink Outdoor Camera. To perform this task, you will have to go through the loan app.

How Do I Get the Most from My Blink Camera?

There are many ways by which you can improve the performance of your camera. They include:

1. Choosing another WiFi network

If you want to have fewer issues with the camera, switch to 2.4 GHz. When it comes down to it, this WiFi signal is ideal for using many features on the Blink Camera. 

2. Use the Right Power Source 

Instead of using random batteries, stick to a set of 1.5-volt lithium batteries. For the best results, go for the non-rechargeable models. 

3. Place the Cameras Properly

Avoid triggers by installing the camera in areas without heat sources or random motion. With this hack, you can reduce false alarm cases in your space. 

How Far Away Does Blink Outdoor Camera Detect Motion?

A Blink Outdoor camera can detect objects as far as 20 feet. However, factors such as the size and temperature of the object play a major role in suggesting this distance. 

Can Blink cameras be Viewed Continuously?

Yes, Blink cameras can be viewed continuously. But before you can enjoy this feature, you will have to subscribe to an Extended Live View service. After making a subscription, you can get up to 99 minutes of viewing time. 

Can Someone Use a Stolen Blink Camera?

No, someone cannot use a stolen Blink camera. After all, the device is connected to your user account. 

Can Police Recover Deleted Blink Videos?

Since Blink removes deleted videos from its servers, the police cannot have access to such content.