John Blue Pump Settings Chart and Guide

The John Blue Piston Pump is widely loved for its durability, ease of use, and ability to get the job done. But before it can perform perfectly, it would help if you adjusted the pump properly. With this in mind, it would help if you had a proper knowledge of the right settings to use.

Although these settings are vital, there isn’t any need to cram them in your head. You can always check a guide especially while using the pump.

john blue pump settings

Now how can you get these settings without hours of searching? Well, you can go through this article and learn how to adjust the piston pump. Now let’s get started.

John Blue Pump Settings Chart and Guide

Here is a chart showing the settings for the John Blue Dual Rate Adjustable  Piston Pump. Before using this table, it would help if you consulted the slide rule included with the device. You can also use the calculator on the John Blue website.

Rows Swath NGP 8055 Application Range GPA @ 5MPH
30-inch Spacing  36-inch Spacing
30 36 Min Max Min Max
4 120 144 9.2 207.9 7.7 173.3
8 240 288 4.6 10.4 3.9 86.6
12 360 432 3.1 69.3 2.6 57.8
16 480 576 2.3 53.0 1.9 43.3
24 720 864 1.5 34.7 1.3 28.9
36 1080 1296 1.0 23.1 0.9 19.3

How Do You Set a John Blue Pump?

Here are the steps for setting the John Blue Pump:

  • Check the pump setting on the chart
  • Unscrew the scale setting nut on the pump
  • Move the dial disc ( with the pump setting wrench) until the pointer reaches the preferred setting
  • Screw back the scale setting nut

How Does A 3-Stage Pump Work?

A 3-stage Pump works by pushing fluids with three pistons. During this process, the liquids move up and down a pipe. 

How Can I Improve My Pump Efficiency?

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your pump? If yes, use the following tips to get the desired results.

  1. Understand the Pump

If you want to improve the efficiency of your pump, you should have a basic idea of its controls and settings. Normally, you can achieve this feat by using the manual included in the device. You might even check out any training videos that might be available on the website of the brand that sells the pump.

  1. Add a Solid Platform

A shaky pump tends to suffer wear and tear. However, you can reduce the shaky feeling by using the pump with a stable foundation and anchoring hardware.

  1. Use the Right Size of Pipes

Yes, using the ideal size of pipes can help enhance the efficiency of the machine. After all, the right pipes prevent sedimentation that might affect the pump.

  1. Add Gauges 

Adding gauges to the pump can help improve its efficiency. For the expected results, place the gauges on the suction and discharge parts of the pipe. 

What Are the Signs of a Weak Water Pump?

If your pump becomes weak, it might leak, offer excess pressure, or even consume excess oil. Besides, the device might also show signs of rust. 

What are the 3 Ways a Water Pump can Fail?

Reasons for a water pump failure include faulty or blocked valves, wrong settings, and worn-out parts. 

How Do You Increase the Flow Rate of a Pipe?

You can increase the flow rate of a pipe by reducing the diameter of the latter. Besides, you can even get the same result by increasing the velocity of the fluid.

John Blue Squeeze Pump

The John Blue Squeeze Pump is built for dispensing liquid dispensers. For the specific needs of the operator, the device is available in four models – round hose squeeze, double hose squeeze, combination squeeze, and standard squeeze pumps. As expected, these devices can be found on the John Blue website.

John Blue NGP-6055

The John Blue NGP-6055 is a single-piston pump with double-acting hydraulics. According to the John Blue website, this device promises quick adjustments for applying liquids without a heavy price tag.

John  Blue Pump Repair 

Is your John Blue pump faulty? If yes, then you can contact John Blue customer service for advice on how to repair the device. But before reaching out to the team, consult the Troubleshooting chart printed on the owner’s manual included with the pump.

John Blue Double Piston Pump

The John Blue Double Piston pump is used to apply two products simultaneously. Normally, this type of pump works with a single-drive system. An example of this type of pump is the John Blue NGP AR Piston Pump.