Eight Sleep Temperature Settings Guide

Using an Eight Sleep pod can be a great way to fall asleep. But before you can get a perfect rest, you will have to adjust its temperature settings.

Anyone can set the temperature of the Eight Sleep device. But if you are not sure of the right settings to use, the bed might feel uncomfortable. With this problem, you might be tempted to dump the device and go for your old mattress.

Now the question comes – what are the ideal settings for controlling the temperature on the Eight Sleep System? Well, you can discover these parameters by going through our guide.

eight sleep temperature settings

Eight Sleep Temperature Settings Guide

Here are the temperature settings for the Eight Sleep pod. As you go through this post, we suggest that you use the offered advice for reference purposes.

Eight Sleep Room Temperature

As you sleep on an Eight Sleep pod, make sure the room stays between 60°F and 68°F. When it comes down to it, this range allows you to fall and stay asleep for a healthy amount of time. 

How Hot Does Eight Sleep Get?

Eight Sleep can reach up to 110°F ( 43°C). As expected, the bedding can reach this temperature on both sides.

How Cold Does Eight Sleep Get?

You can adjust Eight Sleep to as low as 55°F ( 12.8°C). To reach this setting, you should use the Eight Sleep app.

How to Turn Off Eight Sleep

Unlike some devices, Eight Sleep does not have a physical power button. So if you want to turn off the device, you will have to use the Power button or Schedule feature on the Eight Sleep app 

If you want to use the Schedule feature:

  • Open the Eight Sleep app
  • Go to  Temp Dial
  • Press ON button
  • Pull up the screen to show the Your Temperature Schedule tab
  • Go to the Wake Up tab and choose your preferred Wake Up Time, Temperature, and Vibration level.
  • Save the settings

After saving the settings, use the bed. As soon as the scheduled time reaches and you leave the bed, the Eight Sleep Pod goes off.

Eight Sleep Temperature Settings (Reddit Opinions)

According to the Eight Sleep Temperature settings Reddit, many users talk about their preferred adjustments. However, their settings were calibrated by the Autopilot feature.

Eight Sleep Autopilot 

With the Eight Sleep Autopilot, the bed automatically sets its temperature to suit your sleep. To achieve this task, the bed uses details like personal sleep history, bedroom temperature, and even the local weather.

Eight Sleep Alarm 

The Eight Sleep Alarm is designed to wake you up at your preferred time. Unlike other devices, this option uses temperature to wake from sleep on selected days of the week.

How Much Hydrogen Peroxide to Put in Eight Sleep?

The Eight Sleep Pod requires 48oz of hydrogen peroxide. By mixing this liquid with 2 gallons of distilled water, the bed will provide the best conditions for your sleep.

How Often Should You Change the Water in Eight Sleep?

If you want your Eight Sleep pod to work perfectly, it is advised that you change the water every two to three months. For the desired results, the Eight Sleep app will guide you through the process.

Can You Use 8 Sleep Without Wifi?

No, you cannot operate 8 Sleep without using Wifi. After all, this technology helps its app control the bed and collect personal sleep information.

Why is 8 Sleep So Expensive?

Eight Sleep comes with a heavy price tag because of its smart features. Such options include automatic temperature control, sleep tracking, and even a thermo alarm.

Why Does Eight Sleep Need Hydrogen Peroxide?

Eight Sleep needs hydrogen peroxide to keep bacteria from the water channels. To get the job done, the bed requires 48 oz of hydrogen peroxide and 2 gallons of distilled water.

Does Eight Sleep Work Without Internet?

No, Eight Sleep cannot work without an active Wifi connection. When it comes down to it, the device requires an internet service to gather the required information for adjusting itself properly.

Does 8 Sleep Make Noise?

When active, 8 Sleep makes a soft noise, especially during priming. However, this sound isn’t loud enough to disturb your rest.

How Much Water Do You Need for 8 Sleep?

As you set up the Eight Sleep Pod, you should use 2 gallons of water. But instead of using regular water, stick with the distilled variety.

How Long Does 8 Sleep Take to Prime?

The priming process of 8 Sleep takes up to 90 minutes. Luckily, you can still use the bed without completing the process.

What Do You Add to the Water in Eight Sleep?

As you prime Eight Sleep, you should mix the water with 48oz of household hydrogen peroxide. With this mixture, you can stop the growth of bacteria inside the bedding.

Can You Wash the Eight Sleep Cover By Hand?

No, you shouldn’t wash the Eight Sleep Cover by hand or machine. To clean the bedding, it is advised that you wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild detergent.