Rowenta Iron Temperature Settings Guide

The design of a Rowenta iron is enough to attract anyone. However, many people love the product because of its excellent heat output on various fabrics. 

As with similar products in the market, the Rowenta iron has features for adjusting the heat. But if you don’t use the right settings, you might not get that well-ironed look on your fabrics. On top of that, your clothes can end up shiny or riddled with burn marks.

With this guide, you can discover the perfect way for setting the temperatures of your Rowenta iron. Besides, you will even learn how to deal with any issues that might disturb your ironing. Now let’s get started.

rowenta iron temperature settings

Rowenta Iron Temperature Settings Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the Rowenta Iron Temperature. But before using the information in this article, we suggest that you check the Rowenta website for any advice.

How to Use a Rowenta Iron

Here are the general steps for using a Rowenta Iron:

  • Take out any labels or packaging that covers the iron
  • Fill the iron with water 
  • Plug the iron into a power source
  • Turn the temperature control dial to adjust the iron temperature for the fabric 
  • Wait for the control indicator light to come up and go off
  • Turn off the variable steam control
  • Adjust the temperature to match the fabric of your garment 

But if you want to do some steam ironing:

  • Turn on the Variable Steam Control to your preferred setting 
  • Adjust the Temperature to a minimum of 2
  • Push the Burst of Steam button to release steam
  • Press the Spray button to soften tough creases for ironing 

How Long Does it Take a Rowenta Iron to Heat Up?

Under normal conditions, a Rowenta Iron requires 5 minutes before it gets heated. But as you allow the device to heat up, make sure the iron stays on its heel

What is the Hottest Setting on My Iron?

On most irons, the Linen setting is seen as the hottest temperature setting.  When measured, the heat output should be within 445°F ( 230 )

How Do I Know If My Iron is Hot Enough?

If you are not sure about the temperature of your iron, flick some water on its metal surface. If you notice some sizzling, then the iron is hot enough for use.

Why is My Rowenta Iron Not Hot Enough?

Does your Rowenta feel cold to the touch? If yes, then you can blame the low temperature on residue that might have covered the plate. Normally, this residue is created from melted fibers from previously ironed fabrics.

What Happens If Your Rowenta Iron Is Too Hot?

If your iron is hotter than required, it might leave shiny marks on your garment or even burn the fabric. With this in mind, it is advised that you use the right temperature settings for any kind of fabric.

What Kind of Water Do You Put in a Rowenta Iron?

To get the best results with your ironing, stick with regular tap water. But if the water feels hard, switch to bottled spring water.

Do You Spray Water Before Ironing?

Yes, it is advised that you spray water before gliding the iron over the fabric. After all, the liquid allows the heat to spread evenly across the garment.

Why is My Iron Making My Clothes Shiny?

Excess heat from the iron can make your clothes shiny. But you can avoid this problem by using the ideal temperature for the ironed fabric.

How to Turn on Rowenta Iron 

Here are the general steps for switching on the Rowenta Iron:

  • Plug the Rowenta Iron into a power source
  • Set the required temperature for your preferred fabric with the Temperature Control dial
  • Allow the soleplate to heat up until the control light goes off
  • Turn off the steam variable 
  • Set the temperature to suit the preferred fabric

N.B. If idle, the Rowenta Iron goes off especially when placed on its side or left on its soleplate. But you can switch it back on by shaking the appliance gently.

How Do You Read Iron Settings?

If you want to read the settings on an iron, look at the dots on its temperature control knob. Under normal circumstances, these dots signify the various heat levels offered by the appliance. For instance, three dots stand for high heat, two dots for medium heat, and one dot for low heat. 

What is Perfect Temp Technology?

Perfect Temp Technology allows the Rowenta Smart iron to pass over the fabric without burning the fabric. Furthermore, this feature works automatically without setting. 

What Happens If  Your Iron is Too Low?

If your iron is not well heated, you will not be able to get out the creases from the fabric. However, this setting might work for delicate fabrics such as nylon.