Spectrum Router Settings for Best Speed

According to its website, Spectrum Home Internet service boasts many features. For instance, the brand offers affordable plans without data caps. Besides, all of these plans include high-speed internet.

After some time, the connection might become very slow. However, you can deal with this problem by using the following tips.

spectrum router settings 

Spectrum Router Settings for Best Speed

Here are the best settings for using the routers with Spectrum Internet. If you are in doubt about any of our suggestions, call the Spectrum service for additional advice. 

1. Power Cycle The Router

With a simple power cycle, you increase the speed of your Spectrum network. After all, this method tends to remove any bugs that might disturb the data connection.

If you want to  restart your Spectrum router:

  • Unplug the router from the power outlet 
  • Leave the router unplugged for sixty minutes 
  • Insert the plug of the router back into the wall outlet
  • Test the connection by using your internet browser
  • Launch your browser to test the speed of your Spectrum router.

2. Remove Any Interference

2.4 GHz devices, large appliances, and even fish tanks interfere with signals from routers. As a result, you might end up with hours of slow internet. Before you can boost the speed of your connection, it would help if you remove the router from the earlier-mentioned items. 

3. Change the Location of Your Router

As you use the Spectrum router, ensure that it stays on a hard, elevated surface. If you are not sure of the items to use, place the router on a table, cabinet, or even the bookshelf. For the best coverage, make sure your preferred platform stays at the center of the room.

4. Cut Down the Number of Devices

By hooking too many devices to your network, you will end up with a slower internet speed. When it comes down to it, this number of machines consumes loads of bandwidth. When you have this problem, deal with it by turning off unused devices or setting up a Wifi password to keep out hackers.

5. Change Your  Wireless Frequency 

If your Spectrum internet still has issues, then it might be time to switch frequencies. But as you use this hack, go with frequencies that suit your distance from the router. For instance, longer distances work well with 2.4 GHz while shorter distances go with 5 GHz.

6. Update Your Router

Still, having issues with your Spectrum router? If yes, then you might have to update the firmware on the device.

If you want to update your router:

  • Go to the official website of your router and check for updates
  • Check for new updates ( if you find one, move to the next step)
  • Connect the router to your PC with an Ethernet cable
  • Download the latest firmware version from the official website
  • Open another tab on your browser 
  • Type in into the address bar
  • Allow the login page to load 
  • Type “admin” into the Username field
  • Type in  “password” to the Password field
  • Scroll to Advanced – Administration / System Administration 
  • Go to Firmware Upgrade or Router Firmware
  • Click on Choose File
  • Select your downloaded firmware from the list
  • Choose Upload – Yes

7. Adjust the Settings of Your Camera

Watching live feeds or making video calls at high resolutions can bring down your connection. But you can set things right by reducing the quality of your live feed or even turning off your camera.

8. Change Your Hardware

If your router is older than 5 years, then you might have to shop for a replacement. After all, older models can slow down your connection. 

9. Call the Spectrum Customer Service

As with most brands, Spectrum offers its customer service center to deal with various issues including slow internet speed. If you want to reach this platform for help, check the Contact Us page on the Spectrum website.

Is Spectrum Wifi 2.4Ghz or 5 GHz?

Spectrum routers work with 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies. With this in mind, they are seen as dual-band routers.

What should my Upload and Download Speeds be with Spectrum?

According to Spectrum, you should have a download speed of at least 100Mbps while the minimum upload speed should be 10 Mbps. With these speeds, Spectrum users can send mail, play games, and stream regular videos. 

Spectrum Internet Speed Test

With the Spectrum Internet Speed Test, you can determine your WiFi speed. If you want to use the Spectrum Speed test:

Spectrum Wifi Extender

With extenders, you can enhance the range of your Spectrum WiFi signals. As you are looking for the best results, choose extenders that are compatible with your router.