Pit Boss P Settings Chart and Guide

For many years, Pit Boss has offered many pellet grills. Even though these devices are simple, their features help prepare several types of food. One such feature for this task is the P setting.

The Pit Boss P setting allows you to pause its grilling for some time. But before you can enjoy the benefits of this setting, it would help if you set it properly.

Do you use the Pit Boss pellet grill for your cooking? Would you like to get the ideal P setting for this device? If yes, scroll through our article and learn how you can use this setting.

pit boss p settings

Pit Boss P Settings Chart and Guide

Here is a chart showing the various P settings for Pit Boss pellet grills:

P Setting Auger Cycle ON (secs) Auger Cycle OFF ( secs)
P0 18 55
P1 18 70
P2 18 85
P3 18 100
P4 18 115
P5 18 130
P6 18 140
P7 18 150

When you choose a P setting, it turns the auger ( ON) and ( OFF) for specific periods. Now let’s say you chose the P5 setting, then the auger will stay ON for 18 seconds and OFF for 130 seconds. 

What Should Be the P Setting on a Pit Boss?

The ideal P Setting for P Boss grills should be P4. After all, this setting offers an auger ON and OFF time of 18 and 115 seconds respectively. With this time, the Pit Boss grill provides the ideal temperature for your cooking. 

How Long Do Pit Boss Pellets Last at 225 Degrees?

If you use the Pit Boss grill at 225 degrees, then the pellets should burn at 0.5 – 1 pound per hour. Asides from the temperature, this time depends on other factors such as the brand and quality of the pellet, size of the bag, and ambient weather. 

How to Adjust the P Setting on the Pit Boss 1150

Since the Pit boss, 1150 grill does not have a dedicated P setting button, you will have to use the temperature knob. For the best results, turn the knob to the smoke setting mark (labeled S)

P Setting on Pit Boss for Brisket

Do you want to use the Pit Boss for grilling some brisket? If yes, then start with a P setting of 6 ( P6) and grill the meat for about 16 hours and a half. 

Does a Pit Boss Smoker Smoke all the Time?

Yes, the Pit Boss produces smoke at all times. However, the amount of smoke produced tends to be hardly noticeable since it spots a light bluish tint. 

How to Set Temp on Pit Boss Pro Series?

If you want to adjust the temperature on the Pit Boss Pro 4 Series, switch on the device and turn the large knob on its panel. As soon as you reach your desired temperature, push the knob to maintain the setting. 

Pit Boss P Setting for Jerky

As you use your Pit Boss Classic grill to prepare jerky, you may have to adjust the P setting severally before reaching the ideal temperature. First start with a P5 setting ( for half an hour), then switch to the P2 setting for 3 hours or until the meat is done.

Pit Boss P Settings for Ribs

If you are using the Pit Boss Classic/700FB to cook baby ribs, adjust the temperature to 225 °F. Then spritz the meat with water ( every half hour) until it becomes properly cooked. 

Why is My Pit Boss Not Smoking a Lot?

Does your Pit Boss produce less smoke than expected? If yes, then the problem might be caused by the following:

The Design: By design, the Pit Boss pellet grill produces thin bluish smoke. When seen from a distance, you might think that the device has problems with offering smoke.

Too Much Ash in the Grill: As you use the grill, ash tends to gather in the pellet cup. If the former gets filled, the igniter might not be able to fire up the pellets needed for smoke production. But you can deal with this issue by cleaning the pellet cup regularly. 

High Temperatures: Grilling your food at high temperatures can make your Pit Boss produce less smoke. If you are not sure of the ideal setting to use, leave the temperature at 225°F.

Low-Quality Pellets: If you use damp pellets with your Pit Boss grill, then you might not get enough smoke. To avoid this issue, work with dry wood pellets from reputable brands.

Should You Soak Your Pellets Before Smoking?

No, do not soak pellets in water, especially before using them in grills. After all, dripping or damp pellets keep the grill from producing enough smoke. 

Which P Setting is for More Heat?

If you want to add more heat to your pellet grill, reduce the P settings. As expected, a lower P setting speeds up the use of pellets in the device.