Milwaukee Impact Torque Settings Chart and Guide

Why would anyone invest in a Milwaukee Impact wrench? Well, some users claim that the tool has a design that allows easy use. On top of that, some settings allow complete control of its torque.

Now these settings play a major role in the final result of any project. If chosen wrongly, the Impact driver might not perform as expected.

Do you own a Milwaukee Impact wrench? Would you like to know about its torque settings? If yes, check out this article and learn everything you need to know about this powerful tool.

milwaukee impact torque settings

Milwaukee Impact Torque Settings Chart and Guide

Here is a chart showing the various torque settings on the Milwaukee Impact wrench. But before using this table or any other information in this article, we suggest that you check the Milwaukee Impact Driver manual for more details.

Mode Torque ( Ft-lbs) Use 
Mode 1 40-75 Cars
Mode 2 75-150 Trucks, SUVs
Mode 3 275 – 450 Box Truck, Trailers
Mode 4 750 Max

According to the chart, the Milwaukee Impact Wrench has 4 different modes and torque settings. For instance, the first mode boasts of 40 – 75 ft lbs while the second mode offers a maximum of 150 ft lbs. But if you choose the fourth mode, you should expect a maximum torque of 750 ft-lbs.

What are the Torque Settings on a Milwaukee Impact?

The torque settings of the Milwaukee Impact allow the operator to control its torque. These parameters include:

  • Mode 1 for delivering between 40 – 75 ft lbs worth of torque.
  • Mode 2 for offering torque between 75 – 150 ft-lbs
  • Mode 3 for supplying 275 – 450 ft-lbs of torque 
  • Mode 4 for producing 750 ft-lbs of torque.

What is the Most Powerful Milwaukee Impact Driver?

Looking at its features, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel is seen as the most powerful Milwaukee Impact driver in the market. According to the specs sheet, the tool delivers 3,000 rpm from a brushless motor. 

Milwaukee ½ Impact Torque Setting 1 

The Milwaukee ½ Impact Torque Setting 1 is also known as Mode 1. With this setting, you can get between 40 – 75 ft-lbs worth of torque, ideal for working on car wheels.

How Much Torque Does A 1 Milwaukee Impact Have?

The Milwaukee Impact has 1800 ft-lbs of breakaway torque while offering 1500 ft-lbs of fastening torque. With power, the tool can tighten and unscrew bolts of up to 1 ¾ “.

What Torque Setting Should I Use?

Before choosing an Impact driver torque setting, you should consider the type of work it has to perform. For example, Mode 1 is suitable for working on cars and smaller vehicles while Mode 2 works better with trucks and SUVs. If you are dealing with larger vehicles, then you should choose Mode 3. 

What is the Fourth Setting on the Milwaukee Impact Driver?

The fourth setting on the Milwaukee Impact Driver is also known as Mode 4. By choosing this setting, the tool produces full power forward.

When Not to Use an Impact Driver

Although an impact driver has torque settings, it should not be used to drill into masonry. On top of that, the tool should not be used with small bolts due to its excess torque.

Milwaukee 3/4” Impact One-Key Torque Settings

On the Milwaukee ¾” Impact One Key, you can have four torque settings. They are:

  • Mode 1 for getting from 0 to 950 RPM
  • Mode 2 for getting from 0 to 1500 RPM
  • Mode 3 for 0 to 1800 RPM
  • Mode 4 for 0 to 1800 RPM

How Do I Change the Speed on My Milwaukee Impact Driver?

You can adjust the speed on the Milwaukee Impact Driver by selecting any of the four modes. To perform this task:

  • Switch on the Impact driver by pressing and releasing the trigger 
  • Go through the various modes ( 1, 2, 3, 4)  by pressing the drive control button

What Does Brushless Mean on Milwaukee?

If you find the word ” brushless” on your Milwaukee power tool, then it should feature a brushless motor. Unlike brushed versions, this motor can work with less energy and offer longer better service life.

What is the Milwaukee One Key?

The Milwaukee One Key Technology allows you to track the location of your tools via Bluetooth. Besides, it also ensures that you adjust the settings on the supported tool. But before you can use Milwaukee One key, it would help if you download the app.

Do Torque Settings Matter?

Yes, the torque settings of the impact driver affect its performance. For example, if you use very little torque, the bolts will be loose and fall off. But with too much torque, these fasteners will become worn out.

What Happens If You Over-Tighten a Bolt?

If you screw in your bolts too tight, they could break or get deformed. Besides, the material under the bolt could also suffer some damage.