Whirpool Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

Anyone can hook up a Whirpool fridge to a power outlet. But before you can adjust its temperature properly, you will have to use the right settings.

If you are confused about the right parameters to use, consider going through this article. After all, it contains everything that you need to know about controlling the temperature of a Whirpool fridge.

whirlpool fridge temperature settings

Whirpool Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

Here is a guide showing the various settings for Whirpool Fridges. But before using our tips, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual for additional advice.

What is the Right Temperature for Whirpool Refrigerator?

As you set up your Whirpool Refrigerator, keep the fridge at 37°F. By choosing this setting, you can leave stored items fresh and safe for many weeks.

What Number is Colder on Whirpool Fridge?

On a Whirpool Fridge, the coldest temperature is 7. To get to this setting, use the + buttons on the control panel. But if the refrigerator offers a temperature dial, simply turn the latter till it reaches 7.

What is the Best Freezer Setting for a Whirpool Refrigerator?

0°C is the ideal temperature for adjusting the Whirpool Refrigerator. If you choose this setting, the stored food will remain fresh without looking rock solid.

Whirpool Fridge Temperature Setting 1 – 7

On Whirpool Fridge, the temperature settings stay within 1 – 7. Under this range, the higher number stays as the coldest setting of the fridge. For this reason, 7 is seen as the lowest temperature of the Whirpool fridge.

How Do I Make My Whirpool Freezer Colder?

Does your Whirpool fridge feel warmer than expected? If yes, here are some quick ways to enhance the coolness of your Whirpool Fridge.

  1. Turn Down the Temperature 

By reducing the temperature of the freezer on the Whirpool fridge, you can make increase its coldness.  For the best results, adjust the temperature until it gets to 0 °F and wait for 24 hours for the air to circulate.

  1. Reduce Your Visits to the Fridge

Opening and closing the fridge over a short period can cause a build-up of warm air. As a result, your Whirpool fridge loses its coolness even when plugged in. With this in mind, it is advised that you keep the door shut until the cold air circulates.

  1. Clear the Air Vents

Air Vents help maintain the coolness of the fridge. So if you want to keep your fridge cold, make sure there are no items blocking the airflow. Besides, ensure that the compartments on the fridge are well organized. 

  1. Clean the Condenser Coils 

As soon as the coils become dirty, it is advised that you clean them every six months. With the dirt gone, the coils help improve the cooling power of the fridge.

Is 1 High or Low on a Fridge?

On the Whirpool fridge, 1 is measured as the lowest / warmest setting on the Whirpool fridge. If you are looking for the highest/coldest number, head to the control panel and select 7.

How Long Does it Take for a Whirpool Fridge to Become Cold?

After adjusting a Whirpool fridge, you should wait for 24 hours. After all, this is the time required for the fridge to even out the cold.

Is Samsung or Whirpool better?

Since it has a better compressor, the Samsung fridge comes as the tougher option. But if you are looking for energy efficiency, you should choose the Whirpool refrigerator. 

How Do I Reset My Whirpool Freezer?

There are several ways by which you can reset a Whirpool Freezer.

With the Plug 

If you want to use this method:

  • Head to the back of the Whirpool fridge 
  • Locate and unplug the fridge from the wall outlet 
  • Wait for 10 – 15 minutes before plugging the fridge back 
  • Test the controls to see if the problem persists 

With the Reset Button:

  • Open the fridge to expose the Reset button
  • Tap and hold the button until it makes a beep
  • Release the button and close the door of the fridge
  • Check if the fridge works better than

Why is My Whirpool Freezer So Cold?

Here are some reasons why the Whirpool freezer might be colder than expected:

  1. The Fridge is Unbalanced 

If the Whirpool fridge is placed on an uneven surface, there is a high chance that the freezer will become colder than required. When it comes down to it, the appliance cools properly when placed on stable ground.

  1. An Unconnected Ice Maker

If the featured ice maker is connected to a water supply line, then the freezer becomes too cold for storing items. However, you can deal with this issue by switching off the Icemaker.

What are Some of the Problems with the Whirpool Refrigerators?

Although Whirpool refrigerators are great devices, they tend to have faulty evaporator fans, condenser fan motors, and other internal parts. However, these components can be replaced by an experienced technician.