Centurylink Router Settings for Best Speed

Getting a Centurylink Router can be a great choice. As expected, this device boasts of several options for seamless internet. Morever, the device also offers high-speed internet. 

As with most routers, the Centurylink model is not perfect. Sometimes, the speed offered might be slow for your online needs. However, you can regain the speed by adjusting some settings. 

Are you looking for an easy way to get faster internet via the Centurylink router? If yes, then you should go through this article and find the ideal settings to use. 

centurylink router settings

Centurylink Router Settings for Best Speed

Now here are the right series for enhancing the internet speed on the Centurylink router.

1. Reboot Your Router

If you are using the Centurylink router, you can quickly speed up your internet via a quick reboot. To restart your router, you can use the manual method or the My Centurylink app.

If you are using My Centurylink app:

  • Open the My Centurylink app on your mobile device
  • Select My Products – Reboot My Modem – Reboot Now
  • Wait for the reboot to be complete 
  • Press OK

If you are using the manual method:

  • Unplug the router from the wall outlet
  • Wait for 60 seconds
  • Replug the router back into the wall outlet 
  • Check if your internet speed is faster

2. Update Your Router Software

As soon as the firmware on the Centurylink router becomes outdated, you might have to endure hours of slow network. However, you can deal with this issue by updating your router software from time to time.

  • Look for the user and password on the sticker of the modem/router 
  • Log on to from your browser
  • Type  in the user name ( found on the sticker) into the User name field
  • Type in the password ( found on the sticker) into the Password field
  • Click on Utilites – Upgrade Firmware – Check Status
  • Check for Upgrade firmware. If you the message, proceed to the next step
  • Click Download and follow the on-screen instructions to save the downloaded file
  • Click on Upgrade firmware
  • Wait for the download to be completed and the router to reboot

3. Setup a Password

An open network offers access to unauthorized users that can slow down your internet. Fortunately, you can increase the speed by blocking such users via a strong Wifi password.

If you are using the My Centurylink app:

  • Launch the My Centurylink app
  • Enter My Products – Control Your Wifi – Networks
  • Choose the name of the Wifi network you want to protect
  • Click on Change Network Settings 
  • Change the password to a strong one with letters and numerals.

4. Choose the Right Location

Placing the Century link router in an enclosed space can be a terrible idea. After all, the obstruction can result in weaker signals and poorer internet. But you can avoid this problem by placing the router on a table in the center of the room. 

5. Avoid Obstructions 

Glass objects, fish tanks, walls, and large appliances can block Wifi signals for slow internet. With this in mind, it would help if you kept the Centurylink router away from such items. 

6. Avoid Interference from Other Devices 

Baby monitors, mobile phones, and similar devices tend to mess with WiFi signals. When placed close the Centurylink router, they make the data connection slower. However, you can boost your internet speed by switching off these items.

7. Reduce the Number of Connected Devices

As you include more devices on the network, they consume bandwidth and slow down the Internet. But if you cut down the load, the Centurylink router offers more speed. You can start by turning off unused smart devices or even setting schedules on how to use your data.

8. Upgrade to a Faster Internet Plan

If you want to enjoy enhanced speed, think about going for a Centurylink upgrade. With this service, you will get more speed on your current line. If you want to order this service, try the following steps:

  • Launch the MyCenturylink App
  • Select My Products
  • Look for the Upgrade Available message 
  • Call or chat with the number listed on

What Should My Centurylink Internet Speed Be?

The ideal Centurylink Internet speed depends on its use and the number of users. For instance, a single user can get 1 Mbps worth of data for streaming music while multiple users require about 2 Mbps. As for playing online games, you might need just 4Mbps while four or more players can work with 8 Mbps worth of data. 

Why is My Internet So Slow All of a Sudden?

Did your Centurylink router become slow all of a sudden? If yes, then you can lay the blame on an old router ( hardware or software), excess connected devices, or even a poor location. You might even blame the slow data on data throttling by the ISP.