Pit Boss P Smoke Setting (Temperature)

There are many reasons why the Pit Boss comes as a decent grill for any food. Asides from being easy to use, the device uses the smoke setting to provide a smoky flavor to your cooking.

As you use the smoke setting, it offers a range of temperatures. With this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this subject.

Do you own the Pit Boss grill? Would you like to learn more about the smoke settings and resulting temperatures? If yes, scroll through the following article.

pit boss p smoke setting temperature

Pit Boss P Smoke Setting: Temperature

As you use the Smoke Setting of the Pit Boss grill, you should maintain temperatures ranging from 180°F – 225 °F. But if you use higher or lesser values, you might end up with spoiled food or dirty smoke.

What is the Smoke Setting For on a Pellet Smoker?

As you grill your food, the Smoke setting allows you to add a smoky flavor. But before you can get the desired results, you should use high-quality pellets.

What Temperature is the Smoke Setting on a Pit Boss Grill?

On the Pit Boss pellet grill, the Smoke Setting stays within 180 – 225°F. If you grill within this range, you will get cleaner smoke and well-cooked food. 

Can You Cook on the Smoke Setting of the Pit Boss?

Yes, you can cook with the smoke setting of the Pit Boss. But instead of using this setting with every meal, stick to meat such as lamb or pork. 

Does the Pit Boss Smoke at 225°F?

Yes, the Pit Boss produces at 225°F. As expected, this setting can be used to smoke various types of meat. 

Does a Pit Boss Smoker Smoke All the Time?

Yes, the Pit Boss Smoker smokes at all times. But as time passes, the smoke turns from white to a less visible blue.

How Long Does it Take to Smoke Meat at 225°F?

If you are smoking meat at 225°F, then it would take at least 45 minutes to cook. However, the actual time depends on factors such as the type and size of the cut.

How Do I Get My Pit Boss to Smoke?

Do you want to have more smoke from your Pit Boss grill? If yes, then you can use the following tips to get the desired results 

  1. Use the Right Pellets

Before using the Pit Boss grill, use high-quality pellets. After all, these items allow the device to produce more smoke. Instead of choosing random pellets, look for variants made from cherry or hickory

  1. Cook at Lower Temperatures

As you grill your meat, use lower temperatures. Although it burns slowly, such heat levels offer more smoke than higher temperatures. 

How to Adjust P Setting on the Pit Boss

Anyone can adjust the P setting, especially on the Pit Boss grill. If you want to perform this task, make sure you have turned on the smoke setting. Then push the P setting button from P0 – P7. 

How to Adjust the P Setting on the Pit Boss 1150

The Pit Boss 1150 does not have a P Setting. Rather it replaces this feature with a smoke setting.  

Is it Better to Roast Brisket at 225 or 250?

You can roast brisket at any of the temperatures. But the actual temperature chosen depends on the preferred result. For instance, if you want your meat to slice easily, choose 250°F while juicer cuts can be produced at 225 °F.

Can You Smoke Beef at 200?

Yes, you can smoke beef at 200°F as it deals with fat and collagen. However, some experts suggest that the ideal meat roasting temp should stay at 203°F

Why is there No Smoke Coming Out of My Bit Boss?

There are many reasons why the Pit Boss grill might not have enough smoke. For instance, you might have used low-quality pellets or even wet ones. On top of that, you might have even used a high temperature on the grill. 

Is 250 degrees Too Hot for a Brisket?

If you are preparing brisket on your Pit Boss grill, you can leave the temperatures at 250°F. But if you feel this setting is too hot for the meat, grill at 225°F.

Pit Boss Prime Button Not Working

By pushing the Prime Button on the Pit Boss grill, the auger stops pausing. But if the button does not work, then you can lay the blame on the following reasons:

  1. You Didn’t Push the Button Long Enough 

If the Prime button does work, then maybe you may have released the button earlier than expected. So before grilling your food, press and hold the button until you notice pellets enter the firebox.

  1. The Button is Faulty

Do you still have issues with your Prime button? If yes, then the button itself might have a faulty connection. To deal with this issue, try to reach out to Pit Boss Customer service for repairs.