Honda Lawn Mower Height Settings Guide

Cutting grass with a Honda lawnmower is as easy as pushing it across the lawn. But if you have not adjusted the height settings, then you might end up with weird-looking results.

Luckily, you can adjust these settings without having any special skills. However, if you feel that you are not sure of the right parameters to use, then you will have to depend on our guide for some help.

Would you like to trim your grass properly with a Honda Lawnmower? If yes, here are some tips that will help you get the correct height settings especially as you use the device.

honda lawn mower height settings guide

Honda Lawn Mower Height Settings Guide

Here are the best settings for tuning the height settings of the Honda Lawn Mower. Although this article is well-researched, we suggest that it is used as a reference point. 

What Height Should I Set My Honda Lawn Mower?

As you use the Honda Lawn Mower, you will have to adjust the height to suit the type of grass to be cut. For instance, if you are dealing with crabgrass, leave the setting at 4 inches while summer grass should be cut at 2½ inches. But if you are cutting in the fall or spring, the lawn mower can be adjusted to 3 inches. 

How Do You Adjust the Wheel Height on a Honda Lawn Mower?

If you want to adjust the wheel height of your Honda Lawnmower, use the following steps:

  • Head to the lever at the side of the lawnmower
  • Push in the lever and raise or lower the wheel to your preferred height setting
  • Release the lever to complete the setting

What are the Height Settings for the Honda HRN 216?

On the HRN 216, you have seven height settings:- 27 mm, 39 mm, 51 mm, 64 mm, 76 mm, 88 mm, and 100 mm.  As you cut the lawn with this tool, it would help if you used a height of 2 ½ inches to work in the summer, 3 inches in the fall or spring while 4 is enough for crabgrass.

How Do You Adjust the Height on a Honda HRX 217?

You can adjust the height of the Honda HRX 217 by moving the lever to various height level markings. As you perform this task, allow the front and rear levers to stay at the same point.

Should the Front or Back of the Mower be Higher?

According to the Honda manual, the back of the mower should be on the same level as the front. But as you adjust the machine to this position, make sure the mower isn’t too low to avoid lawn scalping.

Honda HRX  Mower Height Settings 

As with some Honda lawnmowers, the HRX has 7 settings: – ¾ inches, 1¼ inches, 2 inches, 2½ inches, 3 inches, 3½ inches, and 4 inches. To adjust these settings, you will have to move the lever to the preferred height. For the best results, make sure you use the same height settings for the front and rear of the mower.

Honda Mower Height Adjustment Lever 

The Honda Mower Height Adjustment lever is used to choose the mowing height of the device. Depending on the model, this lever can be found at the front and back of the machine. To use the lever, move it forward or backward until you reach the desired mowing height.

Honda HRR 216 Manual 

Are you looking for a copy of the Honda HRR 216 Manual? If yes, then you can download a digital copy via an online search or visit the Honda website

To get the manual with an online search:

  • Open your web browser
  • Type “Honda HRR 216 Manual ” into the Search box
  • Click on the results showing a PDF attachment to download 

How Do I Know What Height My Lawn Mower is Set To?

You can check the height of your lawn mower by looking at the position of the Height Adjustment lever. For instance, if the lever is set at the  2½ inches mark, then the mower height is 2½. 

What is the Best Mower Height for Stripes?

If you want to create stripes on the grass, you can use a lawn mower. But before you get the desired look, you should set the mower height to 2½ – 3½. 

Can You Adjust a Lawn Mower Handle Height?

Yes, you can adjust the lawn mower handle to your preferred height. To change this setting, use the handlebar adjustment knob on the mower.

What Happens If You Raise the Height of the Mower?

Increasing the height of your mower allows you to cut the grass properly. Besides, it stops you from scalping your lawn and reduces the need for water, fertilizers, or pesticides. 

How Can I Make My Lawn Mower Cut Better?

You make your lawn mower cut better by increasing the mowing height of the lawn mower and keeping the blades sharp. Moreover, consider changing the mowing direction weekly.