Milwaukee 2767 Torque Settings Chart and Guide

Adding a Milwaukee 2767 impact wrench to your toolbox can be a great idea. After all, the device is a perfect tool for various projects. But before you feel its real power, you will have to work on its torque settings. 

Understanding these settings can be difficult for some users. However, a quick guide is enough to offer a better idea of how the torque of the wrench works.

Would you like to learn about the torque settings of the Milwaukee 2767? If yes, go through this guide and find everything you need to know about this product.

milwaukee 2767 torque settings

Milwaukee 2767 Tourque Settings Chart and Guid

Now here are the torque settings for the Milwaukee wrench. But before using the advice offered in this article, we suggest that you consult the operator’s manual of the device.

Milwaukee Mode Settings Torque Revolutions Per Minute Impacts Per Minute Suggested Use
1 40 – 75 ft-lbs 0 – 550 0-950 Bolts on Car Tires
2 75- 150 ft-lbs 0 – 1400 0-1750 For larger Vehicles ( Trucks and SUVs) Tire Bolts
3 450 ft-lbs 0-1750 0-2100 Trailers and Box Trucks Tire Bolts 
Bolt Removal Mode ( represented by a hexagon and circular arrow) 1,100 ft-lbs 0-1750 0-2100 Full Power for Forward Motion

According to the chart, the Milwaukee 2767 offers 4 torque settings – 1,2, 3, and reverse mode. If you choose any of these modes, you will have varying torques, RPMs, and IPMs. For instance, if you choose 3 on the drive control, expect a torque of 450 ft-lbs and speeds of 0 – 1750 RPM/ 0 – 2000 RPM.

What is the Torque Setting of the Milwaukee 2767?

The torque setting on the Milwaukee 2867 allows you to control its torque, RPM and IPM. Under this option, you have four modes – 1, 2, 3, and the Bolt Removal mode. To use any of these modes, press the drive control button at the base of the wrench.

What is the Torque on a Milwaukee?

On the Milwaukee wrench, you can find varying torques. For fastening, the wrench offers torques of 750 ft-lbs. But if you are loosening fasteners, the Milwaukee has a maximum torque of 1,100 ft-lbs.

What are the Most Common Torque Settings?

The widely used torque settings fall within 30 – 150 ft-lbs. For this reason, it is advised that you choose an impact wrench that has settings within this range.

Should Torque be Higher or Lower?

The level of the torque on your drill depends on the workpiece. For instance, if you want to work with lighter bolts, you should use a lower setting. But if you are dealing with bolts of heavier vehicles or removing any type of bolt, then you should go for a higher torque setting.

Milwaukee 2767-20 Problems & Fixes

Although the Milwaukee impact wrench is well-designed, it is not perfect. According to user reviews, the tool has some problems that might affect its use.

  1. Mechanical Failure

According to some reports, some consumers complained about experiencing signs of mechanical failure. As a result, the wrench might not perform as expected.

  1. Stuttering 

Stuttering is another widely reported issue with the Milwaukee Impact Wrench. Normally, this issue is caused by an irregular supply of power to the tool. However, this problem occurs with certain torque settings.

How Would You Know if a Bolt is Over Torqued?

You can identify an over-torqued bolt by its hourglass shape. Usually, this deformation is caused by the stretching brought out by excess torque.

What Happens if a Bolt is Tightened Is Too Much?

If your bolt is too tight, it will lose its threads thereby making it loose. Besides, the bolts might begin to crack or break.

Which Milwaukee Cordless Drill Has the Most Torque?

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill and Driver is seen as the Milwaukee model with the most torque. On this device, you can get up to 1200 lbs of torque for performing various tasks.

Milwaukee 2767-20 Manual

You can find the manual of the Milwaukee impact wrench in its box. But if you need a digital copy, check the official Milwaukee website or use a search engine to get an alternative source.

To use a search engine:

  • Type in Milwaukee 2767-20 Manual into the search bar of the website
  • Look at the results and choose the one labeled PDF
  • Click to view and install on your device 

What Generation of Milwaukee is the 2767 20?

The Milwaukee 2767 – 20 belongs to the second generation of Milwaukee impact wrenches. Also known as Gen II, this line of Milwaukee products boasts of a compact and more user-friendly design.

Why are Milwaukee Tools So Expensive?

Milwaukee devices come with a heavy price tag because of their premium features. On top of that, the brand invests a huge amount of its capital in marketing.