Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Temperature Settings Guide

Besides having durable features, the Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator boasts various settings for storing food and drink. But before you can get the desired results, it would help if you used the right parameters for these settings. 

Experimenting with different values might seem like a great idea. However, you can avoid all the trouble by using an article as a guide. After all, this post offers everything you need to know about controlling the temperature of your Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator. 

frigidaire gallery refrigerator temperature settings

Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Temperature Settings Guide 

Here are the settings needed to control the temperature on the  Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator. But before using this guide, we suggest that you go through the owner’s manual that came with your unit. 

What Temperature Should My Frigidaire Gallery Temperature be Set at?

As you use the Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator, ensure that the freezer temperature is set at 0°F. Then head to the Fresh Food compartment and allow it to stay at 37°F.

What is Normal Freezer Temperature?

Experts recommend that the freezer temperature be set at 0°F. When it comes down to it, this setting prevents the growth of bacteria on stored items.

What is Colder in a Fridge, 1 or 5?

On most refrigerators, the higher setting stands as the coldest setting available. For this reason, 5 is seen as a colder setting than 1. 

How Do I Know If My Fridge Is Cold Enough?

There are many ways by which you can determine if your fridge offers the right degree of coldness. You can start by using a thermometer to check the temperature of your fridge. But if you do not have this device, you can perform the same task by looking out for signs of condensation, spoiled food, and even water spills. 

How to Set Temperature on Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator?

If you want to set the temperature on your Frigidaire Gallery Fridge, you can use the following steps to perform:

  • Tap  the Option key on the control panel of the fridge
  • Press the Down key to go to the Refrigeration Temp tab ( for the Refrigerator section) or Freezer Temp tab ( for the Freezer section)
  • Tap  the Up button or Down button to increase or decrease the temperature 
  • Tap the Set key to save your settings

If you want to adjust the chill drawer on the Frigidaire Gallery fridge:

  • Open the fridge and look for the Chill Temperature Control switch 
  • Move the switch to the left or right to change the temperature from cold to colder

If you want to change your temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit:

  • Press the Option key on the control panel
  • Tap the Down key to the Mode button
  • Hit the + OR – key to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit 

How to Reset Temperature on the Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator  Icemaker?

Do you have issues with your Frigidaire Gallery Icemaker? If yes, a quick reset should help clear the issue within seconds. To perform a reset, place a glass cup under the Icemaker and use the following steps:-

  1. Hold the Up and Down button at the same time
  2. Wait for a menu to appear on the display
  3. Hold down the + button for a few seconds
  4. Press the Down and – buttons to complete the process 
  5. Wait for the water to flow from the Icemaker nozzle

Why is My Frigidaire Gallery Fridge Not Cooling but Freezer Works?

If your Frigidaire Gallery Fridge works better than the freezer, you can lay the blame on overstuffing blocked vents and faulty parts. You might even trace the problem to a failure in the defrost system of the fridge.

Why is My Frigidaire Refrigerator Not Getting Cold?

Applying the wrong temperature settings can make your Frigidaire fridge warm. But if the right settings cause the same problem, then you can trace the causes on any of the following:

1. An Open Door 

Warm air flows into an open fridge. As a result, you will end up with a unit that does not get old. However, you can avoid this scenario by fixing the seal of the door or reducing your visits to the fridge.

2. Cluttered Arrangement

A cluttered fridge does not allow cool air to circulate properly. For this reason, your unit might work as expected. To solve this problem, reduce and reorganize the number of items stored. 

3. Wrong Location 

Placing a fridge in areas with sharp temperature changes can affect its coolness. So instead of keeping your fridge in the basement, look for better spaces ( e.g. kitchen) inside your home. 

4. Faulty Parts

Damaged evaporator fans, compressors, sensor relays, and condenser fans can stop the cooling of your fridge. However, these parts can be replaced by a qualified technician. 

5. Dirty Condenser Coils

If your condenser coils become dirty, you will end up with a warm fridge. Luckily, a quick dusting should be enough to make the refrigerator work better. But before cleaning your fridge, consult the owner’s manual of your device.