Haier Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

There is a high chance that you know someone that uses a Haier Fridge. After all, this product has enough space to store food and drink for an extended period. Besides, it has the right cooling power for keeping these items fresh.

To get the ideal temperature, you will have to play around with some settings. But if you are not sure of the right parameters to use, you can use our article as a guide.

haier fridge temperature settings

Haier Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the Haier Fridge Temperature settings. But before you use our suggestions as a guide, consult the owner’s manual of the fridge.

What is the Correct Temperature for Haier Fridge?

If you are using the Haier Fridge, the temperature should stay between 35 – 40 °F. In this setting, food can remain fresh for long periods. 

Is 1 or 7 Colder on a Haier Fridge?

On the Haier Fridge, the higher number stands as the colder temperature. So if you are to choose the colder temperature between 1 and 7, go for the latter.

What is the Normal Temperature for a Haier Freezer?

As you adjust the Haier Freezer, make sure it has a temperature setting of 0°F. But if you have plans to freeze stored items, you can go as low as – 10°F. 

How to Set Temperature on a Haier Fridge Freezer?

Here are the steps needed to adjust the temperature for the freezer and fridge sections of different models of the Haier Fridge: 

Haier HRF15N3AGS Temperature Settings

For the Fridge section:

  • Head to the Control panel at the front of the fridge
  • Tap and hold the Confirm Selection button on the control panel for 3 seconds
  • Tap the Temp Zone button until the Fridge compartment button comes up
  • Press the Temp Set button repeatedly until you reach your desired temperature 
  • Press the Confirm Selection button to save your settings

For the Freezer Setting:

  • Go to the Control panel at the front of the fridge
  • Tap the Temp Zone button until the Freezer section icon comes up
  • Adjust the temperature by tapping the Temp Set button
  • Tap the Confirm Selection button to save your settings 

Haier HRF628AF6 Temperature Settings

If you want to adjust the fridge/freezer temperature of this model, try the following steps:-

For the refrigerator:

  • Head to the Control Panel of the fridge
  • Press the Ref Temp button on the right side of the panel
  • Wait for the displayed temperature to start blinking 
  • Press the Ref Temp button( for the second time) to reach your preferred temperature setting

For the freezer:

  • Go to the Control Panel on the Fridge
  • Tap the Freeze Temp  button on the panel
  • Tap the Freeze Temp button ( for the second time) until you choose the required temperature setting

Haier HNSE032BB Temperature Settings

Unlike the above-listed models, this compact fridge doe snot have a control panel. Instead, it offers an adjustable knob for controlling temperature. To increase or decrease the temperature on this device, simply turn the knob to 4, wait for 24 hours, and proceed to turn it to your preferred setting.

Why is My Haier Fridge Not Cold?

If your Haier Fridge feels warm, then the following reasons might be the cause of the problem: 

No Power: If your Haier Fridge is not plugged into a wall outlet, it will not have the energy needed to produce cool air. As a result, the cabinet will feel warmer than expected.

Blocked Air Vents: Overloading the fridge can block its air vents. For this reason, cool air will not be circulated within the fridge. If the blockage persists, the fridge will lose its coolness.

Dirty Coils: As time passes, dirt, hair, and dust might get stuck in the condenser coils of your  Haier fridge. If left alone, the mess can damage the coils needed to cool the fridge.

Setting the Temperature Higher than Expected: If the temperature of the fridge is set higher than the recommended value, then it will produce warmer air. For this reason, it is advised that you set the Haier Fridge to 0°F ( for the freezer section) and 35°F- 40°F ( for the fresh fruit compartment)

Faulty Door: With regular use, the gasket seal of the fridge might become weak or broken. Immediately this problem occurs, the door of the fridge cannot stay shut thereby allowing the presence of warm air.

Haier Fridge Not Cooling but Freezer Works?

Sometimes your fridge compartment might be warm while your freezer works perfectly. If you notice this problem, then you might trace the problem to a faulty defrost system, thermistor, or even an overstuffed fridge compartment. 

Why is My Haier Fridge Freezing Everything?

If your fridge is plagued with too much ice, then you might have chosen a temperature setting lower than the recommended value. However, you can deal with this issue by increasing the temperature.