Greenworks Mower Height Settings Guide

An untidy lawn can make you want to scream out loud. But with a Greenworks mower, you should be able to cut the grass properly. For the best results, you will have to adjust the height setting of the device.

Yes, the height settings of the GreenWorks mowers play a major role in cutting your lawn. If you work with low settings, you will end up with a scalped-out yard. But if you set it too high, the grass will look browned out.

Now how can anyone adjust the height of the Greenworks Mower? Well, you can start by going through this article and discovering the ideal settings for working with the tool.

greenworks mower height settings

Greenworks Mower Height Settings Guide

Here are the correct settings using the Greenworks Mower. But before using our tips, we suggest that you go through the owner’s manual of your particular model.

What Height Should a Greenworks Mower Be Set at?

If you want to adjust the height of a Greenworks mower, you will have to consider the season. For instance, if you are cutting the grass in warmer months, leave the height at 2 – 3½”. But if the season gets colder, stick with a height setting of 1½ – 2. 

How Do You Adjust the Height of the Greenworks Lawn  Mower?

Since the Greenworks Lawn mower boasts of either a lever or button, then there are different ways by which you can set the height.

For Greenworks Lawn Mowers with Lever:

  • Look for the Height Adjustment lever on the Greenworks Mower ( check the front wheel, rear wheel, or the top of the unit)
  • Pull the lever sideways to unlock the setting
  • Move the lever backward or forward to choose your preferred height 

For Greenworks Lawnmowers with button:

  • Check the crossbar ( at the back of the mower) for the Height Adjustment button
  • Push the button and lift the upper part of the mower to a higher height 
  • Push the button and press down the upper part of the mower to reduce the mower height.

What is the Height Setting on a Greenworks 80v Lawn Mower?

The height settings on the Greenworks 80v Lawn Mower are between 1 3/8 – 3 ¾ inches. To change these settings, you will have to move the Height Adjustment lever on the unit.

Greenworks 40v Mower Height Settings 

If you want to adjust the cutting height of your Greenworks mower, use 2 to 3½ inches for warm-season mowing. But if you work in the colder months, set the mower cutting height to 1½ – 2 inches.

  • To use these settings, pull out the Height Adjustment lever
  • Move the lever to your preferred setting ( forward to increase the height and backward to reduce the height)

Greenworks 60v Mower Height Settings

If you want to cut the grass with this mower ( in warm weather), set the height to 2 – 3½ inches. However, colder season mowing works best with 1½ – 2 inches. You can control the height of the machine by moving the Height Adjustment lever forward or backward. 

What Happens if You Raise the Height of the Mower?

By increasing the height of your lawn mower, you can keep the grass well-trimmed. As a result, you will spend less on water, pesticides, and fertilizers.

How High Does a Greenworks Pro Mower Cut?

With the Greenworks Pro Mower, you can cut as high as 3.7 inches.

What Tool is Used to Help Set the Height of Cut on a Greenworks Mower?

In some models, the cutting height is determined by using the Height Adjustment lever. While on other Greenworks Mowers, the height can be set with a Height Adjustment button.

What is the High Lift Blade on Greenworks Mower?

On the Greenworks mower, high lift blades help lift cut grass into the bag. To perform this task, the blade is curved thereby creating more airflow for moving the clippings.

What is the Best Way to Cut Grass?

Asides from getting the right cutting height, the following tips can help you cut your lawn perfectly:

  1. Mow in the Early Evening

Instead of cutting the grass at noon, consider performing this task in the evening. If you choose this period, there is a high chance that the grass will be dry for a good trim. But if the lawn is wet from rain, you can call off your mowing until the grass becomes dry.

  1. Use a Sharp Mower Blade

Using a dull blade can mar your mowing efforts. For this reason, it is advised that you sharpen the blade once a year. 

  1. Allow the Grass to Grow

Before mowing your lawn, make sure the grass stays at the proper length. For example, Zoyisa should reach 1 – 2 inches while Bahia is ready for cutting at 2-2 ½ inches. But if you are dealing with perennial ryegrass, the grass height should reach 3 inches.