Encore Coffee Grinder Settings Guide

In many kitchens, the Encore coffee grinder is a preferred tool for grinding coffee. After all, this device works for all types of coffee. But before anyone can get the perfect grind, it would help if you knew the right settings to use.

In this article, we have listed various settings for grinding coffee with the Encore coffee grinder. So if you have this device in your kitchen, you can go through our article and learn everything about these settings. 

encore coffee grinder settings

Encore Coffee Grinder Settings

Here are some of the ideal settings for using the Encore Grinder. Before using these settings, try to go through the manual of the coffee grinder for additional advice. Now let’s get started

Extra Fine (1 – 3)

Do you want to make some Turkish coffee? Well, you might have to grind the beans until they are extra fine. To achieve this grind, you will have to stick to any setting between 1 – 3.

Fine (4 – 9)

Fine coffee can be a great choice for your expresso. If you want to get this type of grind, choose a setting between 4 – 9.

Fine Medium (4 – 16 )

If you prefer working with a fine medium grind, stick with a setting between 4 to 16. But if you are not sure of the right value to choose, you can pick 10. 

Fine Medium 2 (4 – 23)

This type of grind can be achieved by turning the grinder to values between 4 – 23. After getting the grind, you can use an Aeropress to get a perfect brew

Medium (11 to 29)

If you want to make your coffee by pouring water over the grind, then you will have to choose settings between 11 to 29. After all , these values ensure that the grind can hold more water for a good brew.

Medium (17 to 23)

Does your coffee brewing involve a drip coffee maker? If yes, then set the Encore grinder to any setting from 17 to 23. 

Medium Coarse (24 to 29)

With this grind, you can brew coffee with your Chemex coffee maker. To ground the coffee beans until medium coarse, adjust the Encore grinder to 24 – 29. 

Coarse (31 to 36)

A coarse grind suits the French press method of making coffee. For this grind, you will have to set the grinder to values between 31 to 36. 

Extra Coarse (37 to 40)

If you are a fan of making French Press coffee without the filter, choose a setting that promises extra coarse grains. Normally,  the setting falls between  37 to 40. 

Is Coffee Stronger if You Grind it Finer?

Yes, the brew becomes stronger if you used finer grinds. After all, the finer the coffee, the more caffeine is released into the water. 

Baratza Encore Grind Settings Cold Brew

Would you like to make some cold brew? Then, you can grind the coffee beans with an Encore Grind Setting between 30 – 40. 

Encore Grind Setting French Press

If you make your coffee via French Press, adjust the Encore Grinder to 37 – 40. At this setting, the coffee beans will be ground until extra coarse. 

Does Finer Grind Make Coffee Bitter?

Yes, an extremely fine grind can be the cause of bitter coffee. When it comes down to it, this type of grind makes the coffee to over-extract. 

Can I Grind My Coffee Twice?

Grinding your coffee twice can be a terrible idea as the beans won’t flow properly through the grinder. As a result, the machine gets clogged. 

What is the best Grind size for Coffee?

A medium grind is the ideal size for grinding coffee. At this size, the beans can be brewed with various brewers including Aeropress and drip coffeemakers. Besides, this type of grind also suits siphon brewers. 

How Long After Grinding Coffee Should You Use It?

You can leave ground coffee unused for up to two weeks. However, the coffee stays at its best after a week of grinding. 

What is Standard Coffee Grind?

Medium is seen as the ideal coffee grind as it suits drip coffeemakers. 

Should Ground Coffee Be Refrigerated?

Since fridges cannot be cold enough for coffee beans, they are the worst options for storing the grind. If you want to store ground coffee properly, consider using an airtight container that will be placed in a dark, cool spot. 

How Long Do Baratza Encore Burrs Last?

The Baratza Encore Burrs can last up to 10 years. You can trace this long service life to its high-carbon steel blades. 

Baratza Encore Grind Setting for Moccamaster 

If you want to grind beans for your Moccamaster, aim for a medium coarse grind. You can achieve this texture by leaving the Encore grinder setting on 24 to 29.

How Long Should a Coffee Rest Before Grinding?

Coffee beans should be allowed to rest for a maximum of 3 days. However, the exact duration of rest depends on the type of coffee used.