Kenmore Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

Although the Kenmore Fridge has many features, its cooling power comes as a major advantage. After all, this option allows stored items to be fresh and safe from food illness-causing bacteria such as salmonella.

Before you can enjoy this benefit, you will have to get the right temperature settings. If you are not sure of these parameters, you might spend countless hours looking for the best way to adjust your fridge. But by using this guide, you can skip all the trouble and adjust the coolness within minutes.

kenmore refrigerator temperature settings

Kenmore Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

Here are the ideal settings for controlling the temperature on the Kenmore Fridge. But before using our settings, we suggest that you go through the owner’s manual supplied with the fridge.

What is the Normal Temperature for a Kenmore Fridge?

The ideal temperature for the Kenmore Fridge is 37°C. At this temperature, stored fruits, vegetables, and meat will maintain their freshness. Besides, these foods will be safe from microorganisms that cause food poisoning. 

Old Kenmore Refrigerator Dial Settings

If you have an older Kenmore fridge, you can adjust the temperature by using the dial. On most models, this dial is labeled from 1 – 9 ( with 9 as the coldest). As you adjust the fridge, allow the temperature to stay at 7 or 8.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Too Cold

As soon as your refrigerator gets too cold, you might have to look out for a faulty temperature control thermostat.  When it comes down to it, this component allows the cooling system of the fridge to run more than expected. However, the thermostat can be replaced by a qualified technician.

Which is Colder in the Fridge 1 or 5?

If your Kenmore fridge has a temperature control dial, 5 stands as the colder setting. On such models, a higher number on the dial indicates a colder temperature setting.

What Number Should a Kenmore Freezer Be Set At? 

If you want to adjust the setting of the Kenmore Freezer, choose a value that keeps stored items from bacteria and freeze burn.  To get these pros, you should stick with a setting of 0°F or slightly lower. 

How Do You Know If Your Fridge Is Cold Enough?

If you do not know the actual temperature of your fridge, you can use a fridge thermometer. Asides being easy to use, this device offers a high level of accuracy. 

How Do I Make My Freezer Colder?

If your Kenmore fridge does not feel cold enough, you can lower the temperature by using the following tips : 

  1. Use the Right Settings

As you adjust the settings on your Kenmore Fridge, allow the fridge to stay at 37°F while the freezer remains at 0°F. If you use higher values, then your fridge might not offer the required level of coolness. 

  1. Clear the Air Vents 

Air vents provide cool air for keeping stored items cold and fresh. But if these parts are blocked by vegetables, food packs, or other items, then the compartments might be warmer. If you have this problem, you can increase the coolness by removing anything that covers the vents. 

  1. Keep the Door Closed

As you use your fridge, ensure that the door is properly closed. When it comes down to it, closed fridges stop the build-up of warm air thereby increasing the coolness of its compartments. But if your fridge still stays open, clean the gasket seal of the door.

  1. Call a Technician

If some of its internal parts have issues, your Kenmore fridge might have a hard time producing cool air. By reaching out to an expert, these parts can be replaced thereby making it easier for the appliance to become colder. 

What Can Damage a Kenmore Refrigerator?

Here are some reasons why your fridge might have stopped working:

  1. Dirty Condenser Coils

If your condenser coils are covered with dirt, they become less efficient with handling the heat. If this issue goes unchecked, the fridge might suffer serious damage. 

  1. Storing  Warm Food

With warm food in the fridge, the cooling system works extra hard at producing cool air. As a result, the fridge becomes overworked and loses its power.

  1. Storing Too Many Items

Placing too much food and drink in your fridge can overwork the compressor and condenser coils. As long as the load remains, the refrigerator can get overheated and become faulty.

  1. Placing the Fridge in a Wrong Location 

If you place your fridge close to the wall, there is a high chance that it might suffer some damage. After all, keeping the fridge in this position means less airflow and parts becoming overheated.

How Do You Know If Your Freezer Is Too Cold?

You can tell if your freezer is too cold by using a fridge thermometer to get a reading less than the recommended temperature setting. Asides from reading the temperature, you will notice excess frost and ice covering the shelves and stored items.