Toro Super Recycler Height Settings Guide

Cutting your lawn can be easy especially if you have a Toro Super Recycler. After all, the mower has enough features to trim the grass properly. But if you work with the deck height settings, it might mar your efforts at keeping the greenery neat and healthy.

By playing around with various settings, you can get the right height for the deck. To save time, go through this post and learn everything you need to know about adjusting the Toro Super Recycler. Now let’s get started.

toro super recycler height settings

Toro Super Recycler Height Settings Guide

Here are the settings for adjusting the Toro Super Recycler. But before using the advice on this, we recommend that you consult the operator’s manual of your mower for more advice. 

What Height Should I Set My Toro Lawn Mower?

Before trimming your lawn with your mower, you should consider the type of grass on the turf. Besides, you should also think about the season during which you plan to cut the grass.

Let’s start with cold-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and annual ryegrass. If you want to trim these plants in the summer, adjust the Toro lawnmower to 2 – 3 inches. But if you want to work in the spring or fall, then you should set the height to 2 – 2 ½ inches.

As for cutting warm-season grass in the summer, do not allow the deck to exceed 3 inches. Then if you want to trim these plants in the spring and fall, leave the mower on a height setting of 1 – 2 inches. 

What is the Cutting Height of the Toro Super Recycler?

On the Toro Super Recycler, there are 9 different cutting heights. These values range from 1.25 inches to 4.25 inches and can be adjusted via a lever.

Toro Mower Height Settings Chart 

Are you looking for a quick way to adjust your Toro lawnmower? If yes, then you should go through the following table and pick these settings for cutting different types of grasses. 

Grass  Height Setting ( Summer) Height Setting ( Spring /Fall )
Kentucky Bluegrass  2 – 3 inches 2 – 2½ inches
Tall Fescue 2 – 3 inches 2 – 2½ inches
Buffalo Grass  2 – 3 inches 2 – 2½ inches
Bluegrass  2 – 3 inches 2 – 2½ inches
Lawn Grass < 3 inches 1 – 2 inches 
Zoysia Grass < 3 inches  1- 2 inches 
Bermuda Grass < 3 inches  1- 2 inches 
Centipedes Grass  < 3 inches 1 – 2 inches
St Augustine Grass  < 3 inches 1 – 2 inches

How Do You Adjust the Cutting Height on a Toro Recycler?

You can adjust the height of the Toro Recycler. To perform this task, you can try the following steps:

  • Go to the lever at the wheel of the lawn  mower
  • Pull back the lever
  • Move the lever to any of the 9 settings 
  • Leave the lever to complete the process

How Do You Sharpen a Toro Super Recycler Blade?

You can sharpen the blade of your Toro Super Recycler by doing the following:

  • Protect your hands with a pair of gloves
  • Lock the blade in a vice
  • Sharpen the blade by moving a metal file along the cutting edge until it gets shiny
  • Repeat the process on the other edge

Toro SR4 Super Recycler Manual

With the Toro SR4 Recycler Manual, you can use the lawn mower and enhance its service life. Normally, the manual is supplied with the product. But if you can’t find this material, a downloadable version can be found online. 

What if the Grass is Too High for the Mower?

If the grass seems too high for your mower, you can reduce the size by using a whippersnapper. After making the grass shorter, you can trim the turf with a lawnmower. 

How to Adjust Handle Height on Toro Super Recycler Lawn Mower?

Here are the steps required for adjusting the handle height of the Toro Super Recycler.

  • Unscrew the handle knobs.
  • Push the square edges of the carriage bolts out of the holes in the handlebar
  • Press on the knobs  until they feel loose
  • Move the handle to your preferred position 
  • Pull the knob until the bolts fall back into the holes
  • Screw back the handlebars tight.

Should a Lawn Mower Be Lower in the Front?

If you are adjusting the Toro Lawn Mower make sure the front should be the same height as the back. With this position, you can trim the grass and expect the best results. 

What is the Best Mower Height for Mulching?

The best mower height for mulching is 4 inches. By using this setting, you can focus on the leaves without disturbing the grass. Besides, you can also allow the mower to perform efficiently.

When Should I Lower My Mower?

You should reduce your cutting height in the spring. To get the best results, lower the height before mowing the grass for the first time in the season.