Melnoir Sprinkler Settings Guide

In many yards, the Melnoir Sprinkler is seen as the best tool for watering the grass. After all, this device boasts everything from quick connection to decent coverage. On top of that, the sprinkler has an impressive spray pattern.

 Before anyone can enjoy these features, they would have to adjust some settings. However, finding these settings might be difficult especially if the user does not a decent knowledge of the device. 

Do you want to set the Melnoir Sprinkler in your space? If yes, then you can avoid any trouble by working with a guide. Luckily, this post has loads of instructions for setting this sprinkler.

melnoir sprinkler settings

Melnoir Sprinkler Settings Explained

Here are the ideal settings for using selected Melnoir products. But before you can use these tips, we suggest that you go through the manual of your particular Melnoir product.

Melnoir Turbo Rotary Sprinkler Settings

If you use the Turbo Rotary sprinkler, here are the settings that should help enhance its functions. 

  • Set the spray diameter by shifting the spray deflector 
  • Change the spray pattern by turning the yellow rings ( at the bottom of the sprayer) from 20° to 360 °.

Melnoir Oscillating Rotary Sprinkler 202280 (3100 sq ft)

If your preferred model is the Melnoir Oscillating sprinkler, use the following settings to water your yard.

  • Connect the sprinkler to a water hose 
  • Turn on the water 
  • Twist the range control dial to the left, right, or center for proper coverage 

Melnoir Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with Flow Control (4500 sq ft)

  • Connect the sprinkler to a water hose
  • Turn on the water 
  • Move the left slider outwards  for forward motion 
  • Move the right slider outwards for backward motion.
  • Move both sliders outward for using both motions at the same time.

To adjust the width of the flow:

  • Adjust the width on the left side by moving the twin control tabs at the front
  • Adjust the width on the right side by moving the twin control tab at the back
  • Move both front and back tabs to make the water flow through narrow areas

To adjust the coverage of the sprinkler:

  • Turn the knob to the left to decrease the coverage (low)
  • Turn the knob to the right to increase the coverage (high)

How Do You Set Up a Melnoir Sprinkler Timer?

  1. Press the Arrow right button to select the current day of the week
  2. Press OK to save the chosen day
  3. Wait for the time on the display to blink
  4. Hold the left or right arrow button to adjust the time
  5. Press OK to save the time
  6. Press the Arrow up button to scroll to the Water Day setting
  7. Use the left or right arrow key to scroll to your preferred watering date
  8. Press Ok to save your preferred date
  9. Press the Zone button to move to the next zone 
  10. Repeat Step 7 and 9 to adjust the watering days in all the zones ( zone 1 to 4)
  11. Press the Arrow Up button to set the start water time
  12. Press OK and use the arrow right button to set your preferred time
  13. Use the cycle button to set when the sprinklers will go off.

Why Does My Melnoir Sprinkler Not Oscillate?

If your Melnoir Sprinkler does not oscillate, you can blame it on low water levels. When the water level drops, the distribution bar will not be able to move past the pivot.

How do You Adjust a Melnoir Turbo Rotary Sprinkler?

Here are the steps for setting up the Melnoir Turbo Road sprinkler:

  • Adjust the spray diameter by moving the spray deflector 
  • Use the yellow rings ( at the bottom of the sprayer) to change the spray pattern

How Long Should a Sprinkler Run?

Under normal conditions, your sprinkler should run for at least 30 minutes twice weekly.  But if the weather becomes drier, aim to water your lawn for longer hours ( an hour or so) 3 times daily.

Is it Better to run Sprinklers Longer or More Often?

As you water your lawn, make sure you provide this task for longer hours than too often. After all, watering your grounds frequently can harm the grass with pests and illnesses.

Is it Better to Run Sprinklers in the Morning or Night?

If you water your plants, try to stop before 10 am. After all, this time of the day offers cooler temperatures for the grass to absorb the water. 

At What Temperatures Should You Not Run Your Sprinkler System?

You should run your sprinkler systems in temperatures lower than 37°F. When it comes down to it, lower temperatures can damage your sprinkler system. 

Melnoir Customer Service

If you have any issues with any Melnoir product, reach out to Melnoir customer service via email or phone call. As expected, this service offers you some of the best tips for using your Melnoir sprinkler.