Husqvarna Deck Height Settings Guide

A Husqvarna lawn mower is the preferred choice for some homeowners. After all, this tool has the right features for keeping the grass well-trimmed and healthy. But as the device is a riding model, some users might not how to adjust its deck height settings.

Are you one of such users? If yes, then you can use this post to learn how to set the height of your Husqvarna mower. Now let’s get started.

husqvarna deck height settings

Husqvarna Deck Height Settings Guide

Here are the settings for changing the height of the Husqvarna lawnmowers. But before using our tips, we suggest that you consult the operator’s manual for the lawnmower. 

What are the Height Settings on a Husqvarna  Lawn Mower?

The height setting of the Husqvarna Lawn Mower depends on the actual model. Now here are the cutting height settings found on various Husqvarna mowers:

  1. The Husqvarna LC221A

On the Husqvarna Lawn Mower LC221A, you can find 9 height settings. These values are labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. 

  1. The Husqvarna  Jet

The Husqvarna Jet mower offers 4 different height settings. To set the mower to your preferred cutting height, use the adjustable lever at the wheel.

  1. The Husqvarna 7021p

The Husqvarna 7021p has settings between 1.5 – 3.5 inches. As expected, this feature can be used to handle various sizes of grass.

How do You Adjust the Deck Height on a Husqvarna Push Mower?

If you want to adjust the deck height on a Husqvarna Push mower, you will have to use the following steps:

  • Head to the cutting height lever
  • Move the cutting height lever out and backward to increase the deck height 
  • Move the cutting height lever out and forward to reduce the deck height

What is the Best Cutting Height for Husqvarna?

The ideal height setting for the Husqvarna lawn mower depends on the mowing season. For instance, if you are using the mower in the cold, set the cutting height to 9. But if you are working in the summer, choose 6.

What is the Cutting Heights on a Husqvarna Automower?

There are 9 cutting heights on the Husqvarna Automower. Here is a chart showing these settings and their corresponding measurements:

Husqvarna Automower Height  Setting Cutting Height in Inches
1 1.97
2 2.17
3 2.36
4 2.56
5 2.76
6 2.95
7 3.15
8 3.35
9 3.54

Husqvarna Deck too Low

If your Husqvarna Deck is too low, you might have a bad case of lawn scalping. To avoid this problem, you will have to raise the deck with the cutting height adjustment lever. But if you are using a Husqvarna riding mower, consider turning the link adjustment nut with clockwise movements.

Husqvarna Cutting Deck Problems

Although Husqvarna Lawn mowers are well-built, they tend to have issues from time to time. Common problems with these products include:

  1. Failure to Start

If you are using the Husqvarna riding lawn mower, there is a high chance that it might not start as quickly as expected. Normally, you can blame this problem on bad oil, defective parts, and even dirty fuel filters.

  1. Loss of Power

According to some of its users, the Husqvarna lawn mower might lose power, especially during use. According to experts, this problem can be caused by bad fuel, dirty fuel lines, or broken cooling pins. 

  1. Poor or Even Cut

As soon as your lawn looks poorly trimmed, you should check the air pressure of the tires. If the air pressure is perfect, then you should look out for worn-out blades or a bad deck shell. 

  1. Excessive Shaking 

Another Husqvarna problem comes from its shaky deck. Most times, the mower vibrates due to loose parts, dirt, and a bent crankshaft. 

  1. Excessive Smoke

If your Husqvarna mower smokes, look at the amount of engine oil in the tank. With little or too much oil in the mower, black smoke is released during use.

How to Lower Deck on the Husqvarna Zero Turn 

  • Park the mower on a stable surface and remove the ignition key
  • Wear a pair of gloves and remove the hatch above the deck 
  • Take out the tension eye bolt to pull out the belt from the engine pulley and clutch
  • Take a digital snapshot of the cotter pin washers and through pins in the deck lift arms
  • Remove the washers and pins in the deck lift arms
  • Go to the rear deck hangers and take a snapshot of the cotter pin washers and through pins 
  • Remove the cotter pin washers and through pins in the rear deck hanger
  • Push the deck out from the lawnmower and place it against a wall
  • Remove any dirt on the deck with a brush or hose
  • Make sure the pulley spins easily and replace any worn or bound ones
  • Sharpen or replace any dull or worn-out blades and balance them
  • Fix the deck back to the mower by attaching the front hanger, rear hanger, and deck lift arms using the snapshot and removed cotter pin washers and through pins.
  • Return the belt to the engine pulley and clutch
  • Set the deck to the maximum cutting position 
  • Set the tire pressure to the recommended psi level
  • Push the blade to stay in a side-side position 
  • Measure both tips of the blade to the ground 
  • Turn the adjustment bolts until both sides are level
  • Push the blade to stay in a front-to-back position 
  • Measure both tips of the blade to the ground
  • Tune the front or  rear adjuster ( depending on the model) to complete the process