Rheem Water Heater Temperature Settings Guide

For many spaces, the Rheem Water heater comes as an ideal source of heated water. Asides being environmentally friendly, the device offers hot showers at a constant temperature.

Although the Rheem heater works well, some consumers might want to adjust its temperature. But without an idea of the right settings, they might end up with frustrating results. If you are one of such users, you can avoid all the trouble by going through this post.

Before using our suggestions, check the owner’s manual for additional advice. Now let’s get started. 

rheem water heater temperature settings
Rheem Water Heater Temperature Settings Guide

According to experts, the ideal temperature on the Rheem Water heater or any similar device should be 120F/ 59°C. After all, this temperature stops any disease-causing bacteria from growing in the tank. 

How Do You Adjust the Temperature on a Rheem Water Heater?

If you would like to adjust the temperature on a Rheem Water heater, try the following methods:

1. With the Control Panel

If your Rheem water heater has a control panel, use the following steps to control the temperature of the water. To increase the temperature:

  • Hold down the Up Arrow button 
  • Wait until the number on the display flashes 140
  • Press the Down Arrow key while holding the Up Arrow key

To decrease the temperature:

  • Hold the Down Arrow button
  • Wait until the number on the display reaches 100
  • Press the up until you get to 120

2. With a Flat Screw Head Screw Driver

If your Rheem water heater does not have a control panel, then you can use the following steps to adjust the temperature.

  • Head to the Breaker box of your space
  • Turn off the switch that  powers the water heater 
  • Return to the water heater 
  • Unscrew the panel on the thermostat of the water heater to expose the insulation 
  • Take out the insulation at the bottom to expose the Adjustment knob
  • Use a flat-headed screwdriver to turn the knob to the desired temperature
  • Cover the knob with the insulation 
  • Replace the panel on the thermostat 
  • Go to the circuit breaker and switch on the water heater 

What is the Best Temperature Setting for Hot Water?

As you adjust your water heater, make sure it stays at 120°C/ 59°F. By using this setting, the water will kill any bacteria and still be safe for your skin.

What Temperature is Hot Water in Celsius?

In  Celsius, hot water can measure from at least 54°C. Anything lower than that can be seen as warm or even cold.

Is 30-degree Water Hot?

If a bowl of water has a temperature of 30°C, it cannot be described as hot. Before water can be seen as hot, it should measure at least 54°C.

Is 70 degree Celsius Water Celsius Hot?

Yes, water that measures 70°C is seen as hot. When applied to the skin, this liquid can cause burns.

How to Change Thermostat on Rheem Water Heater?

If your thermostat acts up, you might have to replace the unit. To get the best results, try the following steps

  • Get a similar thermostat as the damaged one.
  • Head to the circuit breaker that powers the heater 
  • Turn off the switch that powers the heater
  • Remove the panel that covers the thermostat to expose the insulation
  • Remove the insulation to expose the thermostat
  • Take out the reinforcing bracket from the thermostat
  • Take out the plastic cover on the under thermostat
  • Use the voltmeter to check for current on the thermostat by using one probe on the unpainted metal housing while the other probe stays on the heating element terminals and thermostat terminals
  • Ensure that the voltmeter reading stays at 0
  • Take a picture of the wiring with your smartphones 
  • Remove the thermostat wires 
  • Gently take out the thermostat from its housing 
  • Install the new thermostat into the housing 
  • Screw back the wires while using the digital photo as a guide
  • Fix the plastic cover on the thermostat 
  • Turn the Adjustment knob to set the heater temperature to 140°C
  • Replace the insulation and panel to the thermostat 
  • Head to the breaker box and switch on the thermostat 
  • Wait for an hour for the water to heat properly 

Rheem Water Heater Too Hot

If the water from the heater feels too hot, then you might have used the wrong temperature setting. To solve this problem, adjust the thermostat knob to 120°C.

Water Heater Settings A, B, C…

On the temperature controls of some water heaters, you might find the letters A, B, and C. On such devices, the letters stand for the temperature of the water. For instance, A represents 120°C, B represents 130°C and C represents 140°C.

How Many Degrees is Normal Water?

Water at room temperature should be 25.55 C or 78°F. If the water drops to 60°F, then it can become cold water. 

Is 32 Degree water hot?

No, water at 32°C is not seen as hot. Instead, it is described as tepid. But if the water rises to 54°C, then it can be called hot water.