Hamilton Beach Crock Pot Settings Guide

Spending your hard-earned cash on a Hamilton Beach crock pot can be a great idea. After all, this piece of kitchenware has everything needed to cook various meals. Besides, you do not have to worry about burning your food. 

Before you can enjoy these benefits, it would help if you adjusted some of its settings. But if you don’t know the right adjustments to make, you might end up kicking the pot from your home. 

Are you looking for the best settings for the Hamilton Beach crock pot? If yes, you can go through this article and learn how to play around with these settings.

hamilton beach crock pot settings

Hamilton Beach Crock Pot Settings Guide

Here are the settings of the Hamilton Beach  Crock Pot. But before using the settings below, it would help if you read the Hamilton Beach owner’s manual. 

Hamilton Beach Crock Pot Settings: Program Mode

On the Hamilton Beach Crock Pot, this mode allows you to leave your cooking unattended until the food becomes ready. Then, the pot also keeps the dish warm for many hours. If you want to activate this mode, try the following steps:

  • Hit the On button on the pot
  • Hit the Program button
  • Use the Arrow button to choose your preferred cooking time
  • Choose the Enter button
  • Choose any heat setting ( except Warm ) to cook your meal
  • Choose Enter to start the process
  • Allow the food to cook until the time elapses or after 14 hours

Hamilton Beach Crock Pot Settings: Manual Mode

The Manual mode is used to warm or cook food like a regular cooker. To activate this mode, use the following settings:

  • Hit the On button on the pot
  • Hit the Manual button 
  • Press the Arrow buttons to select your preferred temperature 
  • Hit Enter to start cooking
  • Allow the meal to cook until the time elapses 

Hamilton Beach Crock Pot Settings: Probe Mode

If you are aiming for a specific internal food temperature or cooking large cuts of meat, you should choose the Probe Mode. After the food reaches your desired value, the pot shifts to Warm.

  • Insert the enclosed probe into the food via the hole on the lid
  • Plug the probe into the jack at the side of the cooker
  • Hit the ON button
  • Select PROBE on the control display
  • Hit Arrow to choose desired temperature 
  • Select High or Low
  • Hit Enter to reach the desired temperature
  • Press Enter 
  • Allow the food to reach the preferred temperature 

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker Temperature Settings

On the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker, you can choose various temperature settings. These settings include High ( 225 °F) Warm ( 160 ° F) and Low ( 140 °F). 

Where are Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers Made?

Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers are made in China.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Reset

To reset the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, hold down the Select button for 30 secs. 

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Recipes

Are you looking for a recipe that suits your Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker? If yes, then you are in luck because the Hamilton website lists tons of dishes that can be made with the device. Such meals include Chessy Chicken and Pasta Bake with Spinach, Slow Cooker Apple Ginger Compote, and Slow Cooker Three Ingredient Chicken.

What Temperature is the Low Setting on the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker?

On the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, the lowest setting falls between 180°-200°F. To activate this temperature range set the pot to LOW. 

Hamilton Beach Instant Pot Manual

The Hamilton Beach Instant Pot is supplied with an enclosed owner’s manual. If you cannot find this document, you can type in “Hamilton Beach Instant Pot Manual ” on a search engine to get a digital copy. 

When Should I Put Potatoes in a Slow Cooker?

If your recipe requires potatoes, it would help if you added them within 45 minutes of cooking. By using this tip, the potatoes will not be overcooked. 

When Should You Throw Out A Slow Cooker?

If your slow cooker does not heat food up to 185°F, then you will have to get a new unit. After your current cooker cannot heat up the food properly. 

How Long Can You Keep Food in a Crockpot on Low?

With the Hamilton Slow Cooker, you can leave your food on low for 14 hours. After this time elapses, the unit goes off.

Can You Open the Slow Cooker while Cooking?

No, do not open the Hamilton Slow Cooker especially while cooking. After all, an open pot makes all the heat escape from the cooker.

Can I Put Frozen Meat in a Slow Cooker?

Yes, you can place frozen meat in a slow cooker. But before you can cook this ingredient, it would help if you increased the heat to anything above 165°F. 

Can You Put Raw Onions in a Slow Cooker?

No, you cannot put raw onions in a slow cooker.  Instead, precook the onions separately before adding them to the dish.