Starlink Router Settings for Best Internet Speed

There are many reasons why you might be using the Starlink router. For instance, the device might be offering decent wireless coverage for remote areas. Moreover, it might even boast decent speed for gaming, music, and movies.

However, using the Starlinks router tends to have its issues. After all, its speed tends to drop from time and time. As a result, you might feel like dumping the device.

But stop for a moment. Before abandoning the router, think about using the following settings to improve the speed of your device. As expected, these tips can be used with little or no technical skills.

starlink router settings
Starlink Router Settings for the Best Internet Speed

Here are some of the ideal steps for improving the speed of the Starlink Router. If you are not sure of some of the steps ( especially method 1) then you can check out the ”  Stop Starlink Drop out” video on Youtube.

1. Disable the Starlink Motors

Yes, you read right. By disabling the motors of your Starlink dish, you can improve your Starlink Internet connection. However, this method can void your Starlink warranty as it requires you to drill the plastic body and take out a component.

  • Disconnect the dish from the stand and 
  • Turn the pole upside down 
  • Wait for the pole on the satellite dish to stay at a 90° angle ( perfectly straight)
  • Measure 5 inches from both edges of the dish with a tape rule
  • Mark the spot with bright-colored tape
  • Use a 1 inch by ⅜ drill inch shank serrated edge drill bit to gently drill over the tape
  • Remove the drilled bit of plastic that might have fallen into the newly made hole
  • Take out the motor with a pair of tweezers
  • Lasso a zip-tie around the wire from which the motor was disconnected 
  • Cut the end of the zip tie to a length that allows you to push the wire back into the dish
  • Cover the drilled-out hole with a 1″1-inch hole plug
  • Connect the dish back to the pole
  • Perform a speed test to check if the hack worked

2. Choosing the Right Location

Unlike some routers, the Starlink model works faster in areas where the dish was registered. For instance, if your dish was registered in Iowa, you will enjoy better speeds at that location than in any other area.

3. Ignore the Starlink Router

Although the Starlink router has great features, it might not offer the required speed for your tasks. However, you can avoid this problem by swapping this device for another router. If you are not sure of the right router to use, stick with the one that offers Smart Queue Management systems.

4. Avoid Obstructions

As you are using the Starlink router, make sure the dish has a clear line of sight. When it comes down to it, any obstructions might block out signals and drop your speed. For the best results, try to place the dish in an area with open skies overhead.

5. Reduce the Buffer Load

If you swapped your Starlink router for a model with SQM ( Smart Queue Management) features, then it would help if you activated such an option to improve your Starlink Internet speed. After all, the new router helps remove any buffer load that might cause a lag in the network.

Does it Matter Where I Put My Starlink Router?

Yes, the position of the router determines the speed levels. For premium coverage, place the router on a table, cabinet, and nightstand. Then make sure this furniture is placed at the center of the room. 

What is the Best Direction to Point Starlink?

Since the Starlink router moves automatically, there is no need to manually aim the dish in any direction. But if the dish is stuck for any reason, consider pointing the dish in the north.

What GHz is Starlink Router?

If you use the Starlink router, it operates on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. For this reason, it can be seen as a typical dual-band router. 

Starlink Slow Speeds

According to experts, Starlink has offered lesser speeds than advertised. In some instances,  download speeds drop as lower as 20Mbps.

Starlink Router Not Working

There are many reasons why your Starlink router might not be working. These include poor choice location, obstructions, and even the included motor. To deal with these problems:-

  • Use the dish and router at a registered location
  • Use the dish without any obstructions in sight
  • Remove the motor from the connected Starlink dish
  • Set the router to Stow Mode and turn it back on

What Should Starlink Speeds Be?

According to its official website, Starlink promises upload speeds of 10 to 20 Mbps while the download speed stays at 50 to 200 Mbps. As for the latency, you should expect up to 20 to 40 ms. 

How  Many Devices Can Starlink Router Handle?

Normally, Starlink can support as many as 200 devices. But if you add ClubWifi’s technology, Starlink can handle up to 8000 devices. 

Do Clouds Affect Starlink?

If there are stormy clouds in the sky, the Starlink dish might be affected. But if you have regular clouds, the Starlink connection performs better.