GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator Temperature Settings Guide

The GE side-by-side refrigerator is an excellent option for storing consumables. After all, the product boasts features decent insulation, noiseless operation, and easy-to-use controls. Besides, it promises impressive super cooling power for preserving items even when turned off. 

But what if you purchase this item and it does not offer your desired coolness? Well, the GE Side-by-Side refrigerator has options for controlling its internal temperature. By using the right parameters, you should get the right conditions for storing food and drink.

Are you confused about the ideal settings for using your GE fridge? If yes, use this article as a guide and discover the best parameters for adjusting the temperature on this refrigerator.

ge side by side temperature settings

GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator Temperature Settings Guide

Here is a guide that will show you how to control the temperature of your GE Side By Side Fridge. Before using our advice, we suggest that you consult the owner’s manual. 

What is the Normal temperature for a GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator?

The ideal temperature of the GE Side by Side Refrigerator should be 37°F while the freezer section should be set at 0°F. With these settings, you can preserve your food without worrying about spoilage and bacteria.

How Do I Set the Freezer Temperature on My GE Side by Side Refrigerator?

Here are the general steps needed to adjust the temperature of the freezer section on a GE refrigerator

  • Head to the Control Panel at the front of the fridge 
  • Focus on the left side of the panel (labeled Freezer )
  • Press the Warmer or Colder button twice to light up the Set Temp icon
  • To decrease the temperature, press the Colder button
  • To increase the temperature, press the Warmer button 

N.B. As you set the temperature, allow 24 hours before increasing or decreasing or adjusting. Continue until you reach the desired temperature. 

Which is Colder on a Fridge 1 or  7?

On most fridges, the higher number stands as the colder temperature setting. With this in mind, a setting of 7 offers colder air than a setting of 1. 

What Temperature Should I Set My GE Refrigerator?

As you adjust the GE Refrigerator, make sure the GE freezer section stays at 0°F. As for the fresh fruit section, allow it to stay at 37°F.

How Do I Know If My Fridge Is Cold Enough?

By checking the digital display on the control panel, you can determine the temperature of your fridge. But if your model does not have such a feature, then you can use a thermometer to check the level of coldness.

GE Fridge Temperature Settings 1 – 9

On some GE fridge models, you can choose between 1 and 9. As expected, 9 stands as the coldest temperature offered by such products. If you want to use the default settings on such models, use 5 for both refrigerator and freezer compartments. 

Why is the GE Fridge Not Cold but the Freezer Is?

Sometimes, the GE fridge might not be as cold as its freezer compartment. When you have this issue, you can blame the following factors : 

1. Wrong Settings

If the temperature of the fridge is set above the recommended parameter, then you might end up with a slightly warmer cabin. To get the right level of coolness in your fridge, allow the fridge to stay at 37°F.

2. Clutter

Placing too many items in your GE fridge can block the air vents. As a result, there will be poor circulation of cool air thereby making the fridge warmer than the freezer compartment. With a little decluttering and reorganization, you can enhance the coolness of the refrigerator. 

3. Defective Parts

As soon as the thermistor, evaporator fan motor, or evaporator coils have issues, the fridge tends to lose cooling power. To fix the problem, reach out to any qualified technician within your area. 

4. Dirt

If dirt, cobwebs, or dust gets into your condenser coils, your fridge will not cool properly. With this in mind, you should clean your unit thoroughly every six months. 

Is My Fridge OK at 7 Degrees?

No, 7°C is a poor choice for setting your fridge as it encourages the growth of harmful bacteria. So instead o fusing this setting, stick to 5 or lower. 

How Do I Make My GE Refrigerator Colder? 

Apart from adjusting the temperature, there are several ways by which you can increase the coolness of your refrigerator. 

1. Close the Door

With the door of the GE fridge shut, cool air can circulate properly. But if the door keeps opening (without any reason), you might have to change the gasket seal.

2. Organize Your Fridge

If your fridge is well organized, you can enjoy more cooling power. You can start by placing meats and milk on the lowest shelf while mayo and ketchup stay at the door. As for your vegetables, consider using the crisper drawer of the fridge.