LG French Door Refrigerator Temperature Settings Guide

Investing in an LG French Door can be a great idea. Compared to similar products from other brands, this appliance stands as one of the top options for storing food. 

One of the major highlights of this fridge comes from its cooling power. If adjusted properly, the coolness should be enough to keep food items fresh and free from freeze-burn.

Would you want to know how to adjust the temperature on your LG French door fridge? If yes, here is a guide that will help you understand everything about this appliance.

lg french door refrigerator temperature settings

LG French Door Refrigerator Temperature Settings Guide

Here are the settings needed to adjust the temperature on the LG French Door fridge

But before using this guide, you can go through the owner’s manual of the refrigerator.

LG Fridge Double Door Temperature  Settings

If you want to set the controls of the LG Double Door Fridge, use the following steps.

To set the Refrigerator compartment:

  • Head to the Control  Panel on the fridge
  • Tap the Refrigerator button to adjust the temperature of the freezer
  • Continue pressing the Refrigerator button until you reach 3°C
  • Tap the Freezer button until you reach – 18°C
  • Allow 24 hours to pass for the fridge to stabilize
  • Press the Refrigerator button to set your preferred temperature 

To adjust the Freezer compartment:

  • Head to the Control Panel at the front of the fridge 
  • Press the Refrigerator button to set the Refrigerator to 3°C
  • Press the Freezer button to adjust the temperature of the freezer 
  • Continue tapping the Freezer button until you reach -18°C
  • Wait for 24 hours for the fridge to stabilize 
  • Press the Freezer button until you reach your desired setting

What is the Best Temperature Setting for LG  Refrigerator?

37°F is the ideal temperature setting for an LG Refrigerator. As for the freezer compartment, the coolness should measure 0°C. 

Is 1 or 7 Colder on an LG Fridge?

On the LG French Door Fridge, 1 stands as a colder temperature setting than 7. When it comes down to it, higher numbers stand for warmer temperatures while the lower values stand for increased coldness.

What Temperature Should LG Freezer Be Set in Celsius?

If you want to adjust your LG Freezer in Celsius, allow it to stay at -18°C. At this temperature, the food will be safe from harmful bacteria and freezer burn.

What is the Default Temperature for a LG Freezer?

0°F is the default temperature for an LG freezer. If you change this setting, your food will be surrounded by ice crystals or get spoiled. 

How Do I Know If My Freezer is Cold Enough?

You can tell if your freezer is cold enough by using a thermometer. If the instrument reads -18°C/0°F, then your freezer has the ideal temperature for storing food.

Why is My LG Freezer Not Cold Enough?

Here are some reasons why your LG freezer might not be cold enough for storage:-

Your Fridge is Turned Off: Without power, your fridge will be warmer than a wooden cupboard. So if your fridge does not show any signs of cooling, check if its plug is well-connected to a wall socket.

You Used the Wrong Settings: If you adjust the temperature ( of both compartments) higher than recommended, then your fridge will lose its cooling power. To avoid this scenario, keep the refrigerator at 37°F while the freezer stays at 0°F.

Poor Placement: Placing the fridge close to a wall traps any outgoing hot air. As a result, the compartments feel too warm for storing items. You can solve this problem by moving the unit at least 5cm away from the wall.

Open Doors: If the door of your fridge is open, the latter will have a hard time producing cool air. Ensure the refrigerator stays shut by assembling shelves properly or cleaning the gasket seal of the door.

Which is Colder 1c or 7c in fridge?

On a fridge, 1° C is colder than 7°C. After all, as the temperature drops, the coldness of the fridge increases.

Is 7c Good for Fridge?

Setting your fridge to 7°C might not be a great idea as this temperature encourage the growth of bacteria. However, this setting can help you save on your energy bills.

Why is My Freezer Too Cold but My Fridge Too Warm?

Here are some reasons why your fridge might feel too warm while the freezer compartment stays cold

You have a High Freezer Setting: Setting the freezer to a high temperature requires extra cool air. As long as this process continues, the refrigerator will lose cold air and become warmer.

You have Overstuffed the Fridge: An overstuffed fridge results in blocked vents and reduced airflow. As time passes, poor air circulation results in a warmer fridge.

You Open the Doors Frequently: Opening the door of the fridge allows warm humid air to fill its compartment. If opened too many times, the warm air builds up and makes the fridge hotter.