Dewalt DCF899 Torque Settings Chart & Guide

The Dewalt DCF899 Impact Wrench is a great tool for many projects. Asides having various torques, the tool allows you to adjust this option until it suits your needs. 

Anyone can adjust the torque setting on the Dewalt DCF899. But if you are not sure of the ideal setting to choose, you might not get the desired results. 

Now how can you know the right torque settings for the Dewalt Impact Wrench? Well, you can start by going through this article and learning all you need to know about the device.

dewalt dcf 899 torque settings
Dewalt DCF899 Torque Settings Chart and Guide 

Here is a chart showing various torque settings for the Dewalt DCF899. But before using the advice in this post, we suggest that you reach out to Dewalt Customer Service for additional advice.

Mode  Torque Setting (ft-lbs)
1( Low torque) 100
2( Mid Torque) 300
3( High Torque) 700

According to this chart, if you choose Mode 1, you can expect 100 ft lbs worth of torque. But if you prefer Mode 2, the torque becomes 300 while Mode 3 offers 700 ft lbs.

How Much Torque Does a Dewalt DCD998 Have?

The Dewalt DCD998 features up to 1072 lbs of torque. To reach this setting, you will have to adjust the clutch collar to the desired torque setting. 

Which Dewalt Impact is Stronger?

The Dewalt 20V Max XR Driver is described as the strongest Impact Driver. After all, this tool offers a max torque of 1825 in/lbs.

What is Torque Setting?

The Torque Setting allows you to control the torque on a drill driver. On most models, the torque can be controlled by a clutch collar.

How Do You Adjust the Torque on a Dewalt Drill?

If you want to adjust the torque on your Dewalt drill, you will have to use the clutch collar of the drill. To choose your required torque setting, twist the collar until the preferred number reaches the arrow mark on the drill.

What Torque Setting Should I Use?

The ideal torque setting of a driver depends on the project. For instance, if you want to push screws, you should choose a low torque setting. But if you want to drill soft wood, you might have to choose a higher setting. For driving into masonry, it is advised that you stick with the highest torque setting.

How Much Torque Does a DCF887 Have?

On the DCF887, you can get a maximum torque of up to 1825 in/lbs of torque. To get to the amount of torque, you should select the highest mode on the driver.

Does Higher Torque Mean Faster Speed?

No, a higher torque setting does not give more speed. After all, the latter is inversely proportional to the former. With this in mind, you can get more speed by reducing the torque of the device.

Do Torque Settings Matter?

Yes, torque settings play a major role in determining the outcome of your project. For instance, too much torque can wear out the fastener. But if the torque is too low, the bolts might be too loose to hold the woodwork.

DeWalt DCF899 Manual

The Dewalt DCF899 manual comes in a box supplied with the wrench. If you can’t find the hard copy, you can download the digital format via an online search. 

  • Type “Dewalt DCF899 Manual” into the Search bar of your preferred search engine
  • Click any of the results with the PDF tag to view the manual

Is 50 Nm Torque Enough Drill?

Yes, a drill with a 50 Nm Torque should be enough to push in screws into soft wood. But if you want to perform heavier tasks, you should find a drill with more torque.

What Does the XR Mean in Dewalt?

On Dewalt Drills, XR stands for models that enjoy extra battery life than regular drills. Asides showing battery performance, XR also signifies that a Dewalt drill has brushless features.

Should I Use a High or Low Torque on a Drill?

Your preferred torque depends on the work at hand. If you are performing light drilling tasks, a lower torque would work nicely. But for heavier tasks, higher torque is ideal.

Can I Dewalt Impact as a Drill?

Yes, you can use a Dewalt Impact wrench as a drill. But before you can convert this tool, you will have to attach Impact-ready bits to it. 

How Much Torque Does a DCF809C1 Have?

The DCF809C1 Impact driver has 1700 in-lbs worth of torque. For this reason, it can be used to work with various fasteners and surfaces.

What is the Recommended Torque for an Impact Wrench?

According to experts, an impact wrench should have between 1500 – 1800 in-lbs of torque. For faster results, it would be ideal if the tool boasts of more speed.